An argentine example of contra-neoliberalism 

Since last week one of my professional translator friends advised me to obtain a certificate, so that I can earn a bit of errands in this city, I thought it would be a great idea, for if I have one certificate here maybe it would be validated throughout this whole continent. 

So today I went to some institutes to ask how is the process to obtain a certificate. I expected to have a level-testing exam to see which level I’m dominating in those languages; which I would used to say that C1 or C2 in Spanish, English and Korean. Frankly I’ve never taken those language efficiency test, but rather explained my experience of having studied in undergraduate level in Mexico, graduate level in Argentina. Also I’ve been selected to work at United Nations after an interview with embassadors and diplomats where one asked me in one language then I replied in such language. Needless to say, sometimes I got called by some international mine or energy corporations for interpretation, earning a monthly salary in 8 hours. 

I expected that there would be a sort of national exam to be an official translator. Maybe I thought this would be so easy like that, just taking a exam to categorize my language level, then if it lacks, taking supplimentary courses to sum up the capability. But what I’ve investigated today dragged down my hypothesis. I should be graduated from translating or intepretating related undergraduate which is of 4 years to have ‘an’ opportunity to apply for the certificate. 

Of course, I was raised in meritocratic society where if you dominate certain languages, with a certain proof you get certificate of what you can do. But this society, rather, acknowledges people who decided to invert an important period of their life to achieve what they want to be. Maybe it was useless pride that I had, which I learned to fold up and to save in a deep pocket so that no one would see. 

Between meritocracy and protectionism, I might be in the middle vacillating my own spot. I don’t have my own principal of such theme, and I don’t think I would ever have one principal to stick with or to be stubborn of; especially between private profit and social responsability. Surely Argentina is in its transition, but still there finds some examples of social acknowledge like what I stepped to find out today. 

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