A small thief stealing big 

Now I can say: I used to keep my long wallet behind the books on the shelf. Yes, I know it was a stupid idea, but I was sure that not many buglers would look up the books. So behind the books was like my own safe box, where I put my long wallet enveloped by a sport towel. It has been exposed, and I didn’t know for sure if it would have been, until now. Yes, the result is what you see as on the entrance photo: a meaningless warning ‘I know that you are stealing.’

I can explain you my system. I have two wallets. One, which is small enough to put in the pocket, is for to take out to street, and the another, which is a long wallet for a suit pocket use, is to keep at home. Since my bank allows me to withdraw a quantity of money at once, giving me an opportunity to pay only once the international transfer charge, I used to withdraw like 4000 pesos (around 300USD) at once. So I keep 500 pesos normally in my routine wallet and the rest in the long wallet. I divided the section inside of the long wallet, so I always put 500, 1000 and 2000 separately, marking with bookmarks or supermarket receipts. If I take money out of the long one, let’s say 500 pesos again, I rearrange the system like 500, 500 and 2000, or 500, 1000 and 1000. So it always remains with multiples of 500. 

That’s why I noticed after some point that I’m missing money, for that sometimes when I opened the long wallet, it was 500, 1000 and 800. So where did 200 pesos go? Or sometimes it was like 400, 1000 and 1000. Then where did 100 pesos go? That point I thought maybe I’m drinking too much these days that I took just 100 pesos to buy a wine bottle at the nearest supermarket. 

So I put an experiment. I withdrew 4000 pesos as usual. I put money as multiples of 500 in my long wallet. The 1000 pesos in the very inside of wallet should be a part of next month rent so I would never touch those even with my finger. I put 1 peso coin OUTSIDE of the wallet, then I enveloped with the sport towel. If someone else, other than me, tries to open the wallet, the one peso coin would fall, then he or she might think that it falls off from inside of the wallet, which results to put the coin back to wallet inside where other coins are kept (A tricky part here is that the 1 peso coin is argentine, and the other coins that I keep INSIDE of the wallet are Cuban- there is no way I make mistake with other 1 peso coin since there is none else). 

Of course, the experiment went successfully. My controlled variables proved that it’s not me using my money but someone else. I found that the arrangement was 500, 500 and 900(!!! Out of 1000 pesos). As I mentioned you earlier, I would never touch this time from the unity of 1000 pesos because it was a part for next month rent. Then I also found the argentine coin along with Cuban coins INSIDE my wallet. So my result is clear now: there is a small thief. Now I have other problems: Who then? Should I stay in this house knowing that someone is traspassing my privacy this often?

To know that I was keeping my long wallet (especially enveloped by a towel) behind my books on the shelf, one must spent a quantity of time poking everything in the room while I’m not at home. Suddenly many Whatsapp messages overlapped in my head, even with the onces that I was asked where I was when I was on my way back home today from the faculty. Was I asked because that person wanted to make sure to have enough time to go through my stuff?

Someone might say now that it was just 100 or 200 pesos, or maybe more, accumulating from the beginning. But I would say that not only those 100 or 200 pesos but also the sensation of being secure have been taken from me. Especially by the people living below the same roof, by the people I hug everyday to say good morning and good night. A small thief really has stolen big.

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