Weird histories


I was ear-plugged, maybe listening melancholic songs with my eyes fixed to the window. Sitting inside of Malvon Cafe, I was watching people passing by. Everything became a part of music video with the music that sharpened my ears. People walked with a beat, and cars honked at the right time. Tires dragged the small pieces of street bricks. All seemed to be calm but my work. I was writing, of course without any hurry, knowing that hurry burry always spoils the curry, yes. My intention was just to be out of my house to be able to walk around enjoying the sun of the day, then to sit in one of famous coffee places in Buenos Aires. Malvon was a surprising choice, since I’ve heard of that place before, but wasn’t too sure that I had visited this place before or not. I stepped the corner of the street and was sure that I had come here before when I saw the entrance of Malvon. It was 5 months ago when the last time I visited to this city, traveling. 

I enjoyed a doppio, then set my iPad to start writing. That is the time I met Fe since Fe approached to my table asking the chair is ocupied or not. I was all alone, so I didn’t mind Fe occupying the seat next to me. We talked quite, but none of the topics was normal. Anormal was it, as I insist, since none of the conversation would have made if I was considered as a local. Obviously I’m a foreigner, the conversation started what I’m doing here, and as always to answer back those bizzard questions  with bizzard answers, I said that I am dying. Well, think about it, it is no lie, for everyday we are all dying for one more day. Fe became interested in my answer, knowing that I’m making fun of this conversation, and explained me why: Fe is a psychologist. Every distortion and unsocial reaction was put on the table as a subject to be examined with a scalpel.

Luckily, I wasn’t torn down with such scalpel. Actually the conversation went smooth and ended with the cup song by Anna Kendrick: you’re gonna miss me when I’m gone. Fe’s main clients are children with antisocial behaviours. The cup song was a remedy for the children for it not only needs to practice the play with cups, which results a high level of concentration, but also has a good humming scale of music notes. The conversation went more and well, then later when I left the Malvon coffee place, I left with an invitation to Fe’s house near by, for a dinner at some time. But until now the dinner hasn’t realized yet into real promise.


One of the biggest advantage of living in Palermo Soho area is that there are two big squares that I can pass to walk around. Well, frankly I would love to live right next to Plaza Las Heras but it would be above budget for me at this moment. The two big squares are Plaza Armenia and Plaza Unidad Latinoamericana. I was on my way to Plaza Armenia, in that I had a big sensations to pass around a big crowd (which doesn’t normally happen for I’m afraid of crowdedness and used to shut all mind when I’m around with a quantity of people). It was quite dark, maybe one or two hours after the sunset. I passed Plaza Serrano, the very touristic and energetic part of all Palermo, toward Plaza Armenia. When I was passing the corner of Nicaragua and Borges, I saw someone handing me a beer bottle: The Corona. I was surprised and full of untrust, so I tried to find its meaning looking at the very eyes of which owner was Lis.

Lis told me that my coat looked catchy, then asked me to have a beer with. So we went to the plaza, sitting on the bench, drinking The Corona. I started talking that I lived in Mexico for a while which got me thinking that The Corona reminded me of (even though it’s a brand from US now). Lis told me of the occupation: the fashion arrangement. Lis works as a fashion coordinator, or something sort of, in a brand locals that are located in Palermo. Just around the Palermo Soho that only brand has 6 locals (how dominating!). Maybe that’s why my coat became too catchy.

We talked a bit after the bottles being sucked up. We moved to walk. The night wind made the temperature down, so it was convenient to walk around to warm up. People of night square seem to enjoy 420, and we also got to smoke. I became too calm after some smog, which made me totally shut then only listen what Lis was saying. Finally I told Lis that I should be going back home to sleep. Lis let me go with a promise that we would hit up for coffee some time. I said that I would love to, and like that the cold night wind blew the smog away. Even but the air was not cleared up, in that I still don’t know what I am doing. But definitely I could visit more coffee places in Palermo with Lis, since then.


It became an essential course to visit the China Town at around Belgrano C. Station, then have a walk around Plaza Barrancas de Belgrano. During the daylight it is a perfect park to sit on the grass taking all the sun, and during the night to sit on the bench looking at people going back home. I went to the China Town because I wanted to buy some tofu, then on the way back I set on a bench located in the plaza. I was watching people commuting back and forth, waiting bus No. 15 to go back to Scalabrini Avenue. That green bus already have passed several, but I was just lost looking at people with the street night. 

It was then when I noticed the personnel Faby also was one of the commuting people on the way back home. Faby was sitting next to me on the bench maybe waiting the bus or just spending a bit of relaxing time before hopping in bus. We started to talk, well to be more accurate Faby started to talk, then the whole conversation became so bizzard. It was all about sexual orientation and, as I am highly assumed, influenced by the story of The Fifty Shade of Grey. The desire of being dominant of sexual relationship prevailed all Faby’s eyes and gestures, even with socially-decided feminine background. But I understood, maybe, that it made sense since Faby’s occupation is athletic. Faby’s figure was even bigger than mine, and maybe the stress or adrenaline generated by the sport activity has lead Faby to be wanting dominant?

When I was in Santigo of Chile, I was once interested to take a course of Masochism and Sadism (I don’t practice any of those but I still think that having knowledge of such field somehow helps to practice safer sex). One of my closest friends who works in a NGO that promotes acknowledge of Sexual diversity and violence against sexual minority, suggested me to take the course and I actually said yes. But after that we all forgot to organized to enroll. Faby’s discourse had developed toward such theme of Masochism and Sadism, since Faby is actually practicing Sadism. I was asked if I punch and hit during the night act, and I replied that I never have practiced such act. I might leave some bite mark on the back, but that’s maybe the furthest act I have done. Am I naïve? But at the same time, I recalled the movie Nymphomaniac, and where they practice those acts it didn’t seem pleased.

I don’t talk anymore with Faby.

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