Spending 160 pesos (11 USD) on a phone bill

My alien registration card arrived yesterday!

But I wasn’t present at home so I couldn’t have it on my hand. Just that my housemate tried to receive it instead of me, but denied because of high security procedure. It should have been me who were present at home to receive the package. Kindly, the mailman left a note saying that I need to call the office to see at which post office I can pick up my alien registration card. He told my housemate that it’d been already twice that he visited the house, so he wouldn’t come back again.

Wait, wait, but there I assumed a lie. If he was here before handling high security mailing which has my phone number written, couldn’t he just call me before arrival so that we could set up the encounter? Is it that he didn’t want to pay his phone call on me since the work and private life should be separated? Well, that was quite understandable so I assumed no more. Yesterday I had a tough day preparing for a presentation, so I was just glad for having soon my alien registration card.

Today, after the presentation I had in the morning, I tried to call the post office with the number I was given in the note. The call was hung up at the first time, then I noticed that maybe I’m out of phone credit. So I recharged 250 pesos today for a monthly use, then tried to call the office again. Well, no one attended me. 

When yesterday I called the office it had a quick response. I didn’t have my track number that time so I couldn’t do anything. Today I called several times, waiting each time over 3-5 minutes listening the machanic voice saying please wait. I got no responses. But I was quite chilled so I decided to go to gym to work out for an hour, came back home to eat something, then tried to call again wishing that maybe this time the operator would be unoccupied. But I couldn’t get any connection line. 

So I decided to walk to the one of the post office. I wanted to ask directly to the people on front, and I sured that they would tell me where my package is or what should I do next. It was a rainy day, and the juicy part of walking on Buenos Aires city is that the streets are badly maintained so when you step on some pedestrian blocks they splash you accumulated water below them. Of course, I got wet Jean walking all along. I made it to post office, and showed them my note asking of next procedure. They simply told me that I need to call the number. 

Yes, if THE operator would have received the call I wouldn’t have to walk all the way down here, sir, as I wanted to say back, instead I hold the thought and came back to the waiting seat to sit and called the number again, yes more than 5 minutes of waiting of course, then a girl finally answered. 

– What can I do for you?

– I need to find my package that arrived yesterday to my home but I wasn’t at home so I couldn’t received it. I tried to track it on the web site as the note sugguested, but it seems like there lacks one digit of my track number so I couldn’t do it through the web.

– Can you indicate me the tracking number?

– Yes, TC346069***

– Hold it, please.

Then I passed almost one minutes.

– Hello? I interrupted.

– Hold it, please. The girl responded after like 15 seconds.

Well, maybe she was really busy typing my tracking number on the system. But I believe even an old lady it wouldn’t take more than 30 seconds to type that number when I said to her. So I assumed, maybe, that she is on the mobile phone, whatsapp or mobile game or whatever, or maybe with a colleague chatting. When she returned, I asked her if I can go directly to the post office where my package is detained to pick it up with my identification, but she said no. We programmed that on Thursday it would be arriving at home again and I need to be present. She asked me my phone number so I replied her, assuring that the mailman would never call me before he or she arrives with the package. So why wasting my time spending this phone bill telling her my phone number?

So the next visit is set. I hang off. Then I checked my change. It remains only 92.5 pesos, so I spent 160 pesos one day, not even in a day, just to make few words with the operator, and even between the words there were only a sentence of confirmation for further visit. And I thought, why does the phone company charge me when there is no recipient? And for the bad management of public service should I pay this much to private communication sector? At last, yes, I’m going to get my alien registration card on this Thursday. So trilled! Because not only I but also the card know how hard path we endured from the emission to the arrival. Lots of detours and lots of meaningless words.  

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