The only green light

Maybe living in Argentina from the childhood changes significantly the perspective toward intentionally accepted social norms, such as Santa Clus is wearing thick furry red jumper on Christmas Day when in Buenos Aires the temperature hits almost upwards 30 degrees Celsius. Why doesn’t he sweat all the time then? Oh yes, because Santa Clus is in northern hemisphere where the Christmas Day hits probably less than 0 degree. Maybe Latin creativity comes from here, where allows different point of view away from what majority of world population doesn’t really question: Shouldn’t Santa Clus be shirtless and muscular, carrying all the heavy gifts to all human population, and shouldn’t be enjoying his rest of year surfing somewhere in Brazil?

One other thing I’ve noticed here in Buenos Aires is that the crosswalk sign for pedestrians is white, not green. I’ve told all my life that I march on when the green light is on. Red light became a symbol for halt, and green light became a symbol that says ‘good to go’. Isn’t this why the green marketing works well on people because they are educated to think unconsciously that green is good to go? 

It is such a rare occasion to encounter green light in this city, so I took a photo of green light when I walking by. Why Buenos Aires city has developed to put white light on the street allowing people to go? If I mention here of racist reason, the white domination of this society, would be a irrational conclusion? If I mention that green marketing is doomed in this society due to its major meat consumption and it is related to psychological effect on massive public, would I be exaggerating? Maybe it’s simply because that white light is more visible than green light so that people can see better when the light is on. But in that case, why not yellow? Doesn’t the yellow on the black background brag the best visibility scientifically? 

Yes I know. I can generalize that all other countries but Argentina have red-green pedestrian sign. Many other countries as well have red-white, yellow-white, red-blue or yellow-blue and more systems differentiating their own norms. But still for me it remains as a big curiosity. Surely this small difference of daily observation also questions how I have grown up in certain norms.  

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