Happy New Year! (I know, it’s the 2nd of October)

This weekend passed so fast, partially because I tried to do lots of things responding YES to every invitation, majorly because I could see how much I can be occupied by hanging out with friends that invite me. I had to say some NOs to others that invited me at the last minute to their events because I had already planned beforehand. It is quite astonishing to admit that many Latin people are planners. Some ask me to empty my schedule on next Friday or Saturday so that we can hang out those days. Of course, in many occasions it remains just as an empty word at the very time of approaching and realising such promises. But still, being empty word or not, my agenda is filled with these words anyhow.

And the calendar today said that it is Rosh Hashanah, jewish happy new year. So to celebrate the day then, I went to a Jewish restaurant on Gorriti street called Benaim with my friend (we drank lots of beer, yes, un excuse, but still celebrating something valid). There was a wall of Jews, and I recognized Anna Frank on it! Dromedary and Bactrian camels walking around, symbols that I don’t really recognise, Hebrew words that I can’t translate were painted on that wall of Jews. I leaned on it.

So as to celebrate a new year, I thought to make some decisions of my life for next few months (only for few months, because on the 1st of January I would make another decisions again). Some decisions that I was vacillating to make got made in this weekend. One of my new year resolutions is that I am going to stay in Santiago, Chile, for only a month and come back in December. I was thinking to stay there until February and come back on March to keep studying here in Buenos Aires, but seems like I have more people that care me to stay with during Christmas and New year holidays. So I’m going to make two trips, one in November and the other in January. (Anna)Frankly, I am excited to visit to Santiago again. 

I made up my mind of the theme of my thesis: public investment and its social and economic impact. And since I have two different masters going on, in the other master I can do with innovation policies for development. I just need to start digging up how academic debates have been developed until this moment. My premier focus of being in Argentina is to finish as soon as possible my master degree so that I can apply some jobs I would love to apply which have a restriction of having at least master degree. I should focus more on the study not to waste unnecessary time on writing thesis at the end.

Of course, I try to write more posts on this blog. Writing my unorganised thoughts would be better way of spending time than watching Netflix and running marathon with new series. Just looking at letters and words gets me to think how I can develop a logic line of thinking. This blog definitely helps. 

I should be more discipline on managing my time, if not, I would spend all morning sleeping in. Keeping my workout routine as well is something I should think of. Well, it is not about visible result, but to be frank, I got jealousy when I saw my brazilian friend in Chile got in fit even he started working out later than I did in Chile. Well, no competition is allowed in my principals, but still I would like to do a bit more of it.

Last but not least, meeting people and be kind to them is also my priority in life. The very meaning of my name in Chinese character can be interpreted as the conduct of benevolence. I am not saying that I need to live upto my name, but it surely has become one of my main principals to keep. To be kind, to love, to interact and to help can mean nothing. But out of no meaning, doing such act is the art. I won’t be giving up the art of life. Less criticising, more embracing. Hard to keep up surely it is, so that is the very reason that this should be one of my new year resolutions.

This year, I should talk more with my brother who resides in London.  

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