I got street-casted! (The card says ‘Nos interesas’)

I was on my way to gym. Well, I am a morning shower person, but since last night before going out to have some drinks with my friends I took a shower, I was feeling free not taking shower today morning. I thought, I would go to gym and anyway I would sweet after workout, so I’m going to take a shower when I return from the gym. Walking out from the house door, the weather was cloudy. My hair was greesy, and I had same clothes put of yesterday. Luckily, I could prevent the shame putting my sunglasses on. But still, I wasn’t on my best condition.

So you can imagine the surprise and doubt I had when that guy passed me the business card with his office number and email address, asking if I am interested in casting. Frankly, it wasn’t the first time I got street-casting. Once back in time in Seoul I was asked if I was interested in modelling for design students. That time I just thought that it was a way to ask my number so that the girl (the street-caster) would date me out. Today the caster was a boy, so it might not be the case this time. 

Should I be pleased for this encounter? Is my look something commercially serviceable? If there is a possibility, maybe I should send my interest to the email address that was given to me. If it is not the case that I need to pay something, I have more free time beside of studying and watching Netflix, so why not? As of my friends’ advice, next week I plan to send an email to that contact to see what happens next. 

But weirdly I am not really pleased. It gave me more doubts since the backside of the card says ‘Nos interesas(You attract us)’. I guess I am living in the world where no attraction comes free, or to say, a capitalistic world. At the bar located just around the Plaza Serrano I went last night, a neon sign was presented that catched my eyes. To me it was catchy because I do partially or completely agree with the phrase. Ha, maybe there is no relevance between me doubting and the capitalistic experience, yes, I maybe am just a negative minded person. 

I should admit that in Buenos Aires many interesting things keep happening on daily basis. It is not an enormous city- I met my friends at the bar I went last night by total coincidence- but big enough to make adventures. Sure, I do enjoy these adventures. I launch some rockets toward sky, and even though some fall back, they don’t fall on people’s head. Big enough, like this it is, a failure never bothers anyone. Ruthless individualism soaked in eyes and action, just to give the idea that the city is built on opportunities. 

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