The ivy comes from the roof top

A party was held by french friends at a house of plant curtain. From the roof the green leaves lay down towards the people and the ground. Arrived lots of europeans to the party all night long, lifting constant wave to each moment of the party. Yes, the more the merrier. The more the drinks. The more the better chance it gets of love. Before I left the party I witnessed the chemical and physical encounter between a scottish guy and a german girl, you see?

But more than to talk about the party wave, what impressed me was the place and its decoration: simply because all walls and roof were covered by ivy, and the ivy comes down straight from the roof making it look like a fine curtain that draws shade on people’s faces. A french girl who resides that environment told me that it wasn’t decorated such when of her five-months-ago-arrival. Within five months it has grown well, covering all emptiness presented. Such a nice and effortless decoration progress it has been! 

Also what impressed me was that there were no mosquitos or bichos around the plants. Rather they offered clean air to the environmnet in which people freely breathe and sing outloud. It became a shield that counterattacked the cold night air and telecommunication signal(truly, under the roof there was no phone signal available). Hardly it got to lead, so more people focused more on talking than on staring the bluelight emitting screen.

I really enjoyed the party. Of course, I drank a lot and I talked a lot. For many months I hadn’t had red face of alcohol. I met a singaporean girl for the first time of my life. Mostly, I enjoyed the existance of green creature that asided by us all the time just listening the conversation we committed. I gave them my touch too, and they served me some of their water reserve bubbles. I imagined that it would be awesome to have those ivy plants upon my roof too. In the coming summer they might not perish but flourish. 

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