Work in progress?

By last midnight I had to hand in preliminary inquiries and theorical framework for my thesis: public investment as a mechanism of state intervention and its economic and social impact, with a bolivian case. Somehow I had it done and at last I could send it to the faculty on time. I am going to present the idea and to get comments on coming thursday. I slept well for 6 hours and half after I sent the email, then this morning I had a class of citizenship and political actors of society. The examination of Marshall’s text (1948) made us think how institutions have developed and guaranteed individual, political and social rights. The half of today’s class consisted of colleagues’ presentation, which dealt with some movements led by the youth in case of Mexico and Chile (#Yosoy132, movimiento de los pingüinos) and how those movements affected to social opinion on the youth’s demand to make better social conditions, freer access to university education for example. I came back home posteriorly, then went to the gym for quick workout (upper and lower back day it was), then I came here a cafe to study.

In two weeks later I get to present about an article of how Human Right organizations in Argentina have confronted to the government since 2003 (From Néstor Kirchner’s presidential nomination) and how they became active political actors emerging with the very government to which they have confronted. Realising that political analysis can be just as hard to interpret and understand as of any economic analysis with equations, I fell into daydreaming, imagining which activities would be more productive if I were not doing all of this-studying or pretending to study. 

Resting, I uploaded a photo on Instagram, sent a voice message in french (oh yes, I am now learning french too!) to my french friend’s parents who are waiting the flight in France to come to Buenos Aires to meet her, and arranged a Whatsapp group to prepare for the next presentation for the class. Rain is dropping on the glass ceiling above me, and as it becomes dark the yellow lanterns seem brighter than before inside of the cafe. Books are secretly dancing on their shelf, men are putting their jumper and coat on to look bigger, and women are smiling in front of them, scooping the last bite of their sweet desert. All I can hear is the sound of tapping keyboard from all around, and the music coming from speakers of far-away. 

This thesis is no easy work, as everyone has told. Surely it is not something impossible nor something that I should fear, for at a time this will be done and I will make a clean cut after the last sentence I’d type in. Yes, worry no more since I have not yet received any comments so that I can make further advance later. I do not see yet more advance today but just see myself sitting here in cafe trying to do something. Yes, advance and development maybe not are linear graph. These might be come as a great leap, stairs jumping, or maybe as a titanic sinking at its worst case. 

I just need to be patient and keep studying, keep reading daily some articles or chapters of books that might help me out to think more of the theme that I am working on. It is the time to practice Zen then, to become a more patient person!

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