I was blind helping a blind

After class, I was passing by the Citibank. There was a blind old guy asking help to find where is the caja(cashier). I learned how to treat and help the blind, so I wasn’t mind at all helping him out. You don’t just grab their body to orient them, rather you should tell them to grab you so to orient them. I told the guy to hold my hand so that I can guide him to the cashier. At first I guided him to the ATM, since he told me that he wanted to go to the caja (I thought the mentioned caja as cajero which means ATM), but when he touched the ATM he told me again that he wanted to go to caja (how stupid I was, obviously he is not seeing the screen!). 

I guided him across the hall, and I couldn’t find no one from Citibank member. The cashiers were located downstairs, so I carefully helped him to walk downstairs. Turn right and left, there are 4 stairs, there are 7 stairs, and the stairs end here, now we are on the flat, there is a sofa if you want to sit a while and so on. After we got downstairs I found a young lady who works in the bank. I handed him over to her, and left. While I was leaving, I overheard what the lady was talking to the old man: next time when you are here, you don’t have to come down here but just ask someone upstairs to do work for you…

So while I was leaving the bank I felt ashamed. I was over-helping him. It might be was a kind act that I helped him out what he wanted to do, but I should’ve been more clever thinking straight that it would be difficult for him to go downstairs and upstairs so I should’ve asked someone to do work for him upstairs so that he wouldn’t have climbed down all the way. In this case, my kindness came from my dear stupidity, so the result of the act was nothing to see with joy from altruism but with shame and embarrassment. 

I was the one who was seeing things to guide the blind, but actually I was the blind from my stupidity that I could not see through what should be done. I was walking on the street under the rain, and I couldn’t wash that thought away so I had to sing outloud so that the embarrassment wouldn’t haunt me. 

It was a small realisation moment that the act of seeing doesn’t come from the act of seeing through eyes but from the willingness that prevails in the heart (then look at the photo I took, how marvelous moment I captured of a blind guy and a heart with an open eye). Maybe this is why in the movie AVATAR, they say each other ‘I see (into) you’ as a way of saying that I like you or I love you. I was the blind guy helping the blind guy. I admit that I am. I need to open my eyes, more often and with more willingness. I need to see.

*This photo was taken at Guatemala City.

One thought on “I was blind helping a blind

  1. Do you remember what I told you? There are 3 parts in human life; What I can do(Capability), What I want to do(Desire) and What I have to do(Conscience). Specially, Conscience is built by the society. Of course, there are some rules made by yourself, but generally rules are made by the society. And I think, the only way to distinguish them is a emotion; Shame. If you feel shame of doing something that is because that is against rules of society. What THEY are trying to do is making you obey rules.
    Let’s think about this; Can we understand others? Can we know what other people think? No, It is impossible. It cannot be learned (unless you experience it directly) then why are you trying to do it? Because it can’t be learned so you don’t have to call that ‘stupidity’. You don’t have to feel shame of what you did. You just did it in your way, in your rule. That’s all. (Do you remember toohey’s goal, in ? He tried to make the world that every person tries to guess what other people are thinking.) Why do you think that was ‘over helping’? Let’s put yourself in his shoes. He asked a help, and you gave it to him. Would he think ‘Ah he is over-heping me, that is insulting’ or ‘Thank you’? Don’t feel shame of what you did. If you feel shame, just ignore it. You feel shame because the society made you feel it. SHAME exist only in relationship. You can not feel shame if you are independent. This emotion; shame is just sign of the handcuff made by the society.
    And DO NOT HAVE PITY ON OTHERS. The blind also can use stair. So what you did, taking him to the down stair is totally normal(as far as I see). He would go up stair after what he’ve supposed to do. Why do you think using a stair is bad for the blind? You and He both knew you guys were trying to use the stair. If it was dangerous or uncomfortable for him, he would have talked about it to you before using it. I guess he didn’t say anything, right? Then what you and he both thought is ‘using a stair is normal’. You treated him as a normal person(Of course he IS normal person.) What you did is much more beautiful than treating the blind as blind, than having pity on the blind, thinking ‘Ah, He is blind so I bet he cannot use a stair at all’

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