The last presidencial debate of the Unites States in October 2015

What I observed about the people of the Unites States living in Buenos Aires, is that at the first presidential debate in september they were crazy and everyone was mentioning about the debate the next day, as if it is something that a sophisticated person’s duty. But yesterday at the Sugar Bar, which is american environmnet, showed up only two people (Jennifer and Angie) trying to watch the debate publicly. Sugar Bar was closed anyway so we tried to find any bar that has screen. We went several, but they didn’t want to put presidential debate channel. Rather, they put colombian soccer match, and it seemed that no one is actually watching the game. Yes I know, Argentina. Colombian soccer match is more imporant and funnier than the presidential debate of the United States. 

At the same time, where were all americans that pretended as if they really cared of presidential debate at the first turn? Maybe at their own home they might be watching via TV screen, but i doubted a bit. There formed three different debates and many people might just make their mind up after the first debate. And well, I call it prejudice and childish democracy. This habit goes on and on, after even the president election they might pretend to care at the beginning but at the end they would forget and not care. Their principal is made, only by their action. 

We came to CLOT bar (Honduras and Lavalleja) and the owner of the bar delightly allowed to put the presidential debate on the screen for us. In exchange, we drank quite a lot and ate many plates. I could reconnect with the beauty of this small but cozy bar. I fell in love with the homemade Hommus they prepared. I just can go there more often, as the bar is located at 15 meters from my house door.

I was questioned before why I would watch the presidential debate of the United States when I don’t have the constitutional right of voting (I wanted to say votation but seems like the term is only used in Switzerland). Yes, truely, I cannot vote between Trump and Hillary. But as we are living in the economically globalised world, the politics also should be more globalised. Certainly the next president of the United States will have a huge impact on many other regions of the world, including Argentina for sure. 

Both candidates have their own point. And partially what they are addressing is true. It is just a matter of perspective, which is more nationalistic or liberal, favor to the wealthy for the trickle down effect or to the middle class for the booming from the below. Both sides have proved to be strongly applicable in history, but since now we live in the world where seeks cooperation rather than competition, access rather than possession, what Hillary represents hits us directly, letting what Trump says be a stupidity. Trump got point when he addressed the arabic invasion and the emerge of ISIS is the fault of previous governments. There are already walls between the United States and Mexico, as the States is experiencing a serious shutdown of social integration. But as Hillary points out, we cannot expect trickle down effect while the inequality gap is broadening. And surely, Hillary will have better control on the Congress, which is essential for legitimacy of acting presidency. 

Will we see another Brexit case happening in the United States? 

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