A day pass to Megatlon

Since the last day of Hard Candy in Santiago, Chile, I haven’t had opportunity to go to swimming pool (well, wait, maybe I had some beach party with swimming pool….? Nope, nothing occurs in my mind). So after six months later, today, with my housemates, I had a chance to practice swimming at Megatlon’s. And here are my thoughts:

1. The night before, I did web check-in registering all my personal information to get a free day pass. Filling out all formats, the web showed a finalization of formats then gave me permission to have a one free day to prove out this magistic gym. But when I hit the main entrance physicially, the troll were still and fixed. I had to fill out an application form to get a day pass. If the web system does not connect to their system, why did I have to fill out online?  

2. I expected long lanes, maybe like 25 meters? But what I saw was a short tracks like 15 meters. It was good in that I got a false sensation that I did more laps than usual, but obviously it wasn’t that I did more distance but that one lap was a way shorter distance than normal. 

3. They were not expecting a guest for a free day pass. From the entrance I got a thick brochure that said that I am a guest for a day, then I was told to hand in that paper at swimming pool. We went up, and the safety guard did not know what to do with the papers so we just grab them back home. No register left behind, so if we were to, we could just go back there again saying we hadn’t had any free day pass yet. This possible abuse comes from the flaw of system, and surely when the system allows it is not morality that determines ones’ act but personal conscience. Sure, I’d love to go back to have another chance for swimming. 

This is how I spent Sunday morning. Quite productive morning it was, as I would be happy to have Sundays like such occasionally.  

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