Being maniac for the copper-coloured skin

There is a reason that I like sea, Rio de Janerio, alighting sun, hot summer with cool wind: it’s a perftect timing for laying down on anywhere and get tanned! I know, it sounds so pathetic and stupid, but actually, all these reasons give a better condition for being happy scientifically, producing vitamin D and so on. Moreover, it is a cliché that one feels wider when s/he sees the broad ocean in front of him/her. Surely, I falsely feel wider and deeper person when I can around all these conditions. Maybe I feel different away from all other asians: those who spend money to stay in white and whiter skin as it represents a maximum beauty in their society. So when they see me in brown and tanned, they asked me in pity that how I have survived in poor Latin American countries, which gives me a bit of anxiety of counterattacking them the otherwise: how you guys have lived upto the social norms and expectations without even questioning those? (No offense)

Here comes hot spring in Buenos Aires city. I now go up to my balcony on the roof to get tanned one or two hours everyday. Getting more tanned day by day, I feel exposed, pride and self-oriented, especially asking me why I am doing all these: and the only answer is because I can. I am here in southern hemisphere where now in October and November is part of entering summer season, and I can afford my time laying down in my balcony taking sunbath. Well, I know my people in this world those who pay to be tanned (to go Caribbean countries in vacation or to get in tanning machine therapy), and my case it is free anyhow so there is to take advantage of it to maximum. Loving how I live in this moment, getting tanned has become an important part of my daily routine, as I know it sounds unproductive enough but I cannot help myself bragging about it, and I surely keep seeing myself doing it further.

Yes, I am daydreaming. I might be wasting all the money and time. But at least I know what I want to finish of what I have started. I want to mastery what I chose to study: public investment as in public policies and its economic and social impact (it is just a theme of one master. For the other master I haven’t decided yet the theme. I am interested in public investment for renewable energy for national power supply as a quantitative investigation, or how Human Right NGOs have played an important role in policy-making as a qualitative investigation), I want to attend as many conferences as possible so that I might be able to encounter what I just need, and get tanned as a healthy and relaxing life style. Well yes, it would have been better if I resulted to study in Rio where the sea is next and enjoy, but since I am far away from the sea, I do what I can do. Reading an article that published the other day in Seoul based on a book published in Japan by a psychologist, which says to live plainly and adequately, rather hardworkingly or competitively, is a definite modern need. 

So why not?

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