A fancy bookstore without books (that I need)

I admire ATENEO, a fancy bookstore where all tourists visit as a landmark of Buenos Aires. I went there the other day for I need to buy some books of economics which might serve me as references for the theme of my thesis. One of the books I was looking for was a book by Mariana Mazzucato, but ATENEO did not have one. I went to Economics section but still there weren’t enough books that I would consider to buy. This bookstore surely is beautiful, with an ex-theater conserved look, but I figured that there aren’t not many books here. Then I recalled the time when I stepped to another ATENEO in Cabildo street. There were more books I need at Cabildo branch than that of Santa Fe. I should’ve gone to Cabildo to buy some books from the first place.

Still after visiting ATENEO Santa Fe, I stepped and passed some other bookstores in Palermo and in Barrio Norte. I forgot the name of the bookstore I stepped in lastly, but it was just as beautiful as ATENEO but much smaller. A black gentleman was on the counter consulting books with clients. For me the scene was like if I were in Cuba, so antique and stylish, so I stood there watching that mister doing his job. I was there for more than 20 minutes just watching, and then when that man finished talking to his final client, he looked at me, glancing over his glasses, and asked me if I need any help. I said that I am looking for a specific author, Mariana Mazzucato. He said that he had heard the book and the author but never actually saw the book here in Argentina, betting his expertise with more than 20 years of experience in publishing market. He even called his publishment provider who import books from abroad. It turned out that that book of Mazzucato hasn’t entered officially to Argentine territory (according to him, yes, but who knows?).

That time I regretted that I didn’t buy Kindle when I was in Chile. Maybe buying books online and reading it through screen would’ve been easier and accessible. I do have an Ipad which allows to download Kindle app to read books too. But for the battery longevity reason, Kindle option would be a better-off. And I think bringing Kindle to everywhere is safer than bringing Ipad to everywhere to read, considering that Ipad and Iphone used to be a target for pick-pocketters. 

Anyhow, ATENEO has become more of sightseeing utility than of book provider. As it is, I should visit there as a tourist than a student, which perfectly gives me a justification of visiting the inner cafe of ATENEO. I have been seeing it from distance but never actually tried to sit and to enjoy the coffee there, so this would be one of my next to-do-lists.     

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