The Hannibalic interpretation of John 14:6 “No one comes to the Father except through me”

First thing first, before talking about the religion: My conclusion for the religion, of course any kind of, is based on the premise that human sacrifice is a mere necessity. Or to say briefly: you need to kill another human being to meet God, according to every religious text. And here I start my argument with Christianity including Catholic and Protestant, Islamism, Hinduism, and some old religions dominated in the very first civilizations. Here I excluded Buddhism as a religion since in Buddisim there is no existance of God, which is an unforgettable element of religion construction, so I simply put Buddhism as more of a certain life philosophy along with Taoism. 

There is a moment in Old Testament where God ordered Abraham to kill his son as an offering. Abraham was going to kill his son on the alter but then God said to stop, allowing human kind to have another alternative of offering, a sheep instead of his son. From that script a deduction comes burstly that it is now okay to offer animals not human, to please God. This sounds so humane, but it wasn’t until quite modern era that this alternative of offering has been accepted, under the name of basic human rights. Even though God sent Les Dix Commandements (The Ten Commandments) which declares not to kill others (“Thou shalt not kill”), it is uncertain if it means in any cases since other parts of the Bible implies like it is okay to kill non-believers. 

From the very moment of Abraham until the moment of Jesus on the cross, human sacrifice hadn’t performed as a ritual. It means, as the Bible dictates, Jesus came as a ransom for many, and willingly be sacrificed so that people meet his father. To get the religious tradition back, human race needed to kill other to offer to God, which had been forbidden by God himself, and thanks to Jesus, without breaking God’s word, again human race could kill a being as a offering to God. Even nowadays Catholic churches represent same ritual of human sacrifice as a name of Mess every weekends. They declare that Jesus died for us letting us meet to his father, and we share his blood and fresh as a proof of the very offering. So it becomes clear when Jesus said “no one comes to the Father except through me”. How many of us are willing to kill real being to meet God? Rather won’t we feel better imagine-kill Jesus as a symbolic gesture every week?

Suicide bombing terrorist attacks also fall under this premise that by killing non-believers, they get keys to promised upworld. We call them Islamic extremists, yes, extremist, because they are one who really dare to kill other beings to meet their own God. From many muslim-related wars, no matter how civical, national or international their impact has been, we can observe those who are called extremist, no matter they are from Islam or Christian, have pushed far beyond the line we call humanity. Yes, the reason is to be non-humane, yes, it is because it is the very religious logic that they want to be next to God.

Hinduism also shares this point of view. One might assume that hinduism is a peaceful religion where practice yoga and meditation, but the fact is that in their religious text it is certainly allowed to kill other non-believers as well. Furthermore, it is said that opening up 7 chakras through meditation makes you connect to the higher being, or to the Universe, but to open the ultimate chakra, human oil is needed. In modern practice it is substituted to animal oil, but still many vegeterian or vegan hindus reject the very tradition. Well then, according to this tradition, one should kill non-believers and with the oil obtained from them, s/he can reach total opening up.

This religion interpretation is easliy found in ancient civilizations like Aztec and Inca. These tribes used to attact other tribes then slutter them to take their hearts out from their body, to put them on the alter for religious rituals. Even in Inca civilization it was considered as an honor to be sacrificed as such, so after certain game, the winners were to be sacrificed putting their own heart on the table. This premise is not just a text book written old tradition, but still exists in different symbolic form in modern days, especially in modern cultural performance. Matador in Spain performs the very religious ritual substituting humans to bulls following the Roman pegans’ rituals. The massive public is needed to witness, the blood is spilt on the ground until death. The same performance goes with music and singing concert. Starting from Hollywood where Jews industrialized the whole entertainment business, the performers, which are singers in this case, are to put in a room with certain supplies just as the Bible dictates how the offering-subject should be kept before the killing ritual. 

This month South Korea has been noisy with this premise. Cruise Sewol sinking accident two years ago resulted to be related with Chamanism ritual by the president in charge. Killing more than 300 innocent students by letting them sink in the middle of the sea as it all had planned out when the very moment the chamanism ritual was held in the presidential Blue House in Seoul, now squeezes the angers of 50 million citizens for them to go out to street to throw their anger in public. Was it to pray the national prosperity or for her to meet her God or Fantasma is out of a question. The act and the ritual is done, under the hannibalic belief that human sacrifice is very necessary. 

Maybe this is why I do not have religion. I do have belief, yes sometimes my own and other times universal, but not religion. 

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