New dream list

My first must-have-done list was about commuting to school or to work by bike. I could realise that dream when I was living in Mexico, where university campus allows students to use public bycicles to commute between the campus. Since I lived right next to the entrance gate of Faculty of Odontology, I just could easily pick up the faculty bike with my registered student number then slipped away into the passages between faculty buildings.

Time after time, I am living in Buenos Aires. I recalled that I made some to-do-lists before I got here and one of those was kayaking in Puerto Madero. I had totally forgotten about it until I walked to Puerto Madero the other day and saw a guy was resting on his kayak, back-folded, enjoying the last sunday air. I followed him along the port, then found the place where rents kayak for public (not entirely true, I did not ask them about the access. Maybe it is only for members for kayak club or so). There is now possibility, so when I come back from Santiago de Chile, I have at least what to do on sundays.

Away from this physical activity, I added another non-physical to-to-list: reading Kindle in a fancy and hot place bar. I have seen some people reading books at NOLA bar, or as today, at YonKo’s bar. Amélie, my lovely french housemate who was accompanying me at the bar, enlightened me with an information that the screen of Kindle is the same one of normal calculators, as so it doesn’t bother much eyes of readers. How cool was the scene, a guy with elegant frame glasses reading Kindle while holding a glass of artisanal beer on his left hand. And there comes future: me in that.

There surely are many things I would put in this list of my desire. Some may sound productive but other may not. Still it is enjoyable to have a list to conquer the quest like a video game, and that is a easy way yo enjoy the current life, making his/her own lifestyle.

By the way, I still do commute with my own bike.

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