Pi-Chile-mu, the international capital of surf

The first day was Friday when I got to Santiago airport. Just before I hopped in the plane, I got invited to go Pichilemu to surf for the weekend. Reunion with my beloved friend, made me say yes without hesitation (a bit of lie it is, since I needed to inform my other friend of my accommodation plan at his place), and the conclusion is that I spent a really nice weekend with new people I met on the trip. All good vibes and atmosphere made them attentive, and I was grateful to have made my decision to hop in their weekend trip plan at the last moment.

It was a luck that one of them had a parcial devolution from AirBnB so we could lent a cabin at a really good price for 2 nights. We bought lots of beer, pisco and tequila. We drank the first day, like a lot, but the interesting part was that the next day no one had hangover. For a long time I hadn’t had a drinking game. We found this drinking game slot at the cabin so we used it, which added a bit of fun variable of the night party. When I was younger I did not like this kind of drinking game, thinking that it was useless and time consuming without productive propose, but now I realised a bit more than before that it is not about spending time productive and critical but about spending time with others laughing and enjoying.

Of course, we drank a lot and went out to walk trying to find a club around the beach. Even in the morning, for the late comer to the breakfast table the tequila shot punishment was given. I was the one who came down stairs at last, and there were welcoming me with guitars playing music for my tequila shot punishment. I was sweat taste at the moment, for all drinks I took last night and all conversations I overheard across those drinks.

Was is Chile that I missed so much? Or was it this kind of international environment? Everyone easily could change Spanish to English and English to Spanish, even between some of them with Dutch. Interactions make me learn more and humble in that what I can contribute to these converstions is limited. Even, I am not a good story teller, rather I fix myself as a good listener, maybe or maybe not, as my own contribution for them to enjoy the moments. I do, as well, enjoy my time learning about them of how they talk and what they talk about, as a reflection of their identity mirror.

I should admit, yes, that I did spend a good time there in the cabin and on the waves. I finally could get a bit more of muscle practice on surfing: now I can stand on at least for few seconds until the wave breaks. What I need to learn is to have an equilibrium on the tablet. I should be working more on my core muscle group so to maintain that equilibrium on the tablet.

It was a really good start for my revisit to Chile. I hope this keep vibing throughout my visit of this time. And, thank you all!

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