To the same direction: forward or upward?

This morning I came to the FLACSO quite early and I found this traffic sign on the way. It seemed to have put recently, so I took a photo thinking that these all head to the same direction: how we can make better people’s life? I think that question is the fundamental parameter to distinguish the public sector and private sector, where private sector tend to pursuit internal gain. Yes, surely there are examples of private sector forming better lives on earth too.

Yesterday I had a dinner with some people from the embassy. There came later some government funded interns and consultant who work in the CEPAL. Some of them are still students (thank goodness that I am no longer undergraduate student!), and others already had experiences of working in both public and private sector. It was quite interesting, not all the time but at least some moments, to be able to share those experiences back and forth, which made me have an indirect experience. Moreover, the consultant position is what I am aiming after obtaining the master title, so it was quite productive converstation to visualize my future possibility.

All around CEPAL, FLACSO, WHO, ILO and FAO is covered by orange silk for the last friday was the international day of against violence toward women. It just made my path more colourful this morning. I rode also orange-coloured ITAU bike from La Moneda to CEPAL, so I would say this morning, with yellowish striking sun, was all orange. It all heads forward, especially forward better humanity.

And walking, one thought had come up to my mind: of an accident of last night. Thinking about the relation between culture and development, a grouping culture like in Korea put breaks to development? Yesterday after dinner we were invited to a house of one intern. At the elevator we separated into two group since the elevator seemed quite small. But the first people who already got in urged the rest to hop in too so that we can all go up at the same time. The elevator was out of its funtioning capacity so before we reached 5th floor the elevator stopped. The capacity was described as to have 5 maximum people in it, but we were 8. One had claustrophobia so she started to panic, which spread worries to all others. At last after 10 minutes or so the department guard came to open the elevator. We jumped out from the elevator cabin to the floor.

Maybe the grouping mind thinks that the more the efficient, since we might be there all at once. But at last this mindset caused temporary breakdown of the public goods, which is elevator in this case, and even after we left the house the elevator was out of order. So actually we caused sorry to whole department. Imagine there would a old lady who resides at 10th floor and she couldn’t use the elevator to get her own house because of this korean group mindset. All want to go upward but it seems that not everyone can go upward in the limited space, like the elevator.


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