To the island, Chiloé

From Santiago the arrival took one hour and twenty minutes by plane. It was a quite short flight and that precise reason is what made me feel that I am going back to my island from Seoul, which also takes one hour and ten minutes or so. The only view sustained me from differentiating the two travels was flying over the sierra. Alongside with the Cordillera the plane smoothed down, to further southern region of all. Normally when a plane crosses over the Cordillera he experiences some turbulences by unstable air environmented by the sierra. Even though we didn’t cross the Cordillera, when just before arrived had a big air-dropping.

– I told you I would love to go to an amusement park when we go back to Buenos Aires! (So mission completed)

After landing to Puerto Montt airport, we literarily spent thirty minutes only in Puerto Montt then hopped in the bus to Chiloé. I thought it would be more or less two hours to get in to the island, but at last it took a bit more than four hours including maritime transportation. Well, it wasn’t a boring travel from Puerto Montt, since my friends shared a Netflix series called the 3%, and I could sleep two hours-ish which I needed after 5 o’clock wake-up to get to the airport. The only thing that bothered was that the weather was colder than I thought since I just brought one padding that could warm me up. The wind was brutal and merciless. I had to stay in the bus most of time when it was boarded on a ship to cross the sea.

Then later, we landed sound and safe to the island. It was rainning hard but when we hopped out from the bus the rain had stopped. Was that really because of how a positive mind reshapes the reality? We could walk around the city calmly, take some photos of Castro, then sit to sunbath for a while. I like this travel to be not dynamic but enriching the understanding between three of us traveling, for one knows better the other when traveling.

First day, we decided to walk around the Castro city. Not really big, so we could only spend few hours to get to know. For me the part that I really wished to see was the houses built on palafitos: it just made all scenes surreal, which reminded me ‘the moving castle of Howl’ the movie. Palafitos gave legs to the houses and even so, they were so weak to stand up barely. I wondered how they have survived earthquakes. Sure, the inner strenght has little to see with outer appreance: and that is the beauty that those houses emit.

I got some really good animated photos. I changed my phone screen with one of them: for the hope of starting a trip and of having a good memory with friends I care deeply. I was thinking of a song called ‘el otro lado del rio’ by Jorge Drexler. I thought I saw a light on the other side of the river, so I kept rowing. On the other side of the river there is a hope and that is the why I keep trying before the loneliness and fear. Every time I am on board I try to listen this song, to feel the same vibration I had before when I decided to row across: there once I had lost myself between the two realities and I found a hope on the other side.

The starter was a kicker. The goal was already made. Everything has been smooth and fine. I do not want more than this, for already having a satisfactory moment of all. But surely, I know this trip would give us more fine memories, and for that I am happier.

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