Solitude, just like in a horror movie

People from islands (los isleños) would understand this premise: men live in solitude, just like islands are apart from the main continents. We all are alone before another, and even though we interact to not feel this solitude, it is a basic human character to feel insecurity of being alone. But in some ways, los isleños share and accept this solitude profoundly in their own soul. Yes, they know that solitude is a feeling of insecurity of being apart from the something, but at the same time admit that in somewhat way all are connected just as islands share same root under the sea connected each other. Maybe one should go deep to reach the ground to touch, but one can assure that he or she can reach out by time.

But for the comers from the continent, the scenes that islands offer quite terrify them, for it is easily observable that the solitude actually wears out the light of people’s eyes. The curtains were shut, windows were closed up. The roofs were holed, and the front doors were unframed. It reminded me the movie house of wax when I was walking around, seeing those old houses and arquitectures. People live hiding inside. Not much interaction on the street and even on the water those small ships were drafting without direction.

Frankly, I recommend to feel solitude since it is the sole motivation for mankind to be productive. When one works, one arts, one socially interacts, and more, the basic reason is because he or she feels alone and to cover the loneliness up one moves. One becomes dramatic to create unnecessary stories to fill up this empty space in her, and one becomes the opposite. Who can judge the other when her motive is not to feel alone? The problem comes when her motive is to prove that the others also feel loneliness, when instead she can coordinate to do something productive WITH others not to feel loneliness for all. One keeps saying outloud that she feels alone so the other should spend time with her, on the other hand one keeps offering to do something like going to museum or having a good dinner cook at her house so that others feel filled by her offering.

The horrific part of the solitude comes that one persuades herself to commit the same mistake that the Tower of Babel story already had given us lesson. You don’t reach to sky but to go down, deeper into human interation rather higher to meet the God. It is yet premodern that people seek to cover solitude up with religion, rather to cover this up with being human herself. Chiloé proudly guides visitors to go to see seven different churches in the region, for the reason that there would be no more interesting places to visit or for that they certainly believe that visiting churches is what visitors want to accomplish.

Admittable it is that those churches are arquitectually exiquisite. They have different fish scales as their standing bricks. Surely, rethinking that it was a remarking miracle that the Son offered to the public. Are those churches offering the same miracle to the public in this time where solitude dominates over people?

Or is this island truely a emotional representation of the house of wax where people are stuck in as a routine to be, and the visitors are frightened to realise that they only would be melted down with fire, or with the dammed enviornment?

This island is unique, like to be an island itself away from the shore.

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