Wall decoration with hot maté in this morning

Amélie left yesterday. She went back to France. For some period time cohabitating under the same roof as a wonderful housemate, I should show my deep gratitude to her. I recall those mornings that we walked together to the faculty, conversating of the past lives and expectation of upcoming trips. When I was in Argentina she was there too, and when I was in Chile, she was there too. Not in the same city but traveling to different cities. But now she is in another continent.

This morning I woke up, then planned to decorate my wall just as Amélie did for hers. She left me many postcards that I can use to stick to the wall. I had some postcards as well that I bought in Chiloé, so I started to put those postcards on the wall. First beginning was in order. But as many postcards were being stuck, the order disappeared. My eyes just found disordered order in the pattern, and at last it looked good, as like every creation did at the beginning.

And as this way, her footprints remain.

This time of year yet everyone goes back home, away from this city. Some of my fellowship already are heading to the United States, Chile, Uruguay and to Mexico, when I decided (in this moment, I do not know how it would end to change) to stay here in this city until new year coming. Weirdly today preparing my breakfast, I felt like I am the pasta filtered by pasta filter. Hot boiling water drained, and the pasta is naked alone. Positively thinking, it is the time to put tomato sauce and other vegetables. But I had to get out from the house to buy some. So instead, I boiled hot water and prepared maté. Tea, and also maté, are a good companion for the time, as always.

After I got back from the trip to Uruguay, I did some pending tasks this morning. Picking up the laundry, arranging the table and cleaning up the room where was left abandoned for a month. Cleaning up this room I found an old script that I wrote, quoting other poets. The script told me: “It is one of the most beautiful compensations of life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.” the words were from Emerson. I downloaded soundcloud application and played the soundtracks called Yin&Yang and Contradikion. Too much electronic for early in the morning, one might say, but frankly those gave me a good moving pattern of arranging things in this morning.

The habitual routine has begun. Again here in Buenos Aires. But every other day I experience changes like the wall decoration of today. Footsteps remain, changing environment and writing down new stories. Every story starts with a simple word. My story of today started with just as simple sole word: Amélie.

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