Burst into tears during meditation

Somewhat say purification of emotions, but also it meant that I have lost to walk straight not being bother by the waves that come. I happened to recall what I’ve taught about how to be bigger than an ocean. The method is that when you walk to the shore, following waves when it goes down you follow then run back when those come after you, you are in front of something bigger so you let yourself influenced by it. When you walk straight to the shore not caring the waves coming up and going down, mentally it become reverse that the ocean is moving toward you and backward. The emotions are like that: some people follow the emotions and get affected by those, living life as an emotional roller coaster. One of the main goal of the meditation is to let those emotions go, so you can walk to the shore, our affected reality, with peace.

Critics are made when to underestimate the emotional roller coaster life: we think that the downward is bad status, but actually rethinking about it, the dropping is the funniest part of taking roller coaster. Wasting out overwhelmed and depressed is the part where one can really enjoy. Yes, harder than it sounds of course, but surely it is the part where one recalls back with lessons and unforgettable memories. I had forgotten this lesson until I happened to walk to the Uruguain shore following waves, and now being back to Buenos Aires this lesson came back to me as a new mindset that I need to work on with.

I went up to the terrace of my house when sunsetting. It was already getting dark and I set down to relax. No stars, no moon, but just house bulbs were alight through windows. Gigantic arquitectures blocked the night air from falling, trying to dominate the land with their cement feet. I closed my eyes and got lost myself. My lung needed just little air, and my hands were recibing electricity. Buses and cars made noises from the street, with their hearts vibrating hard enough to make me feel vibrated. There were never silence: there were only sounds that we have forgotten to listen. Dead plants on the terrace emitted living hope, thief cats walked wild. Then a bit later I could hear crickets and frogs crying from the green field. There was a guy lying down on his bed looking through his window toward the field. Valencia, of Venezuela, also had same sensation at the similar timeline. He just got back from the meditation center wanting to share his emotions, and I was there also wanting to share my emotions and lessons. I could hear sounds across his shoulder and he across mine, exchanging the heartbeat of urban automovil creatures with of wild vulnerable creatures. Sharing came with connection: both wanting the same.

When one looks at trees, they never touch one another above ground. They only try to reach the sun. One might think that is the lonely life, reaching upwards as always to survive, to get the energy to live on. But deep down, under the earth, they made themselves tangles and intertwined. No trees are alone, and so as any being. Human being, as well of course. There came a point that the tears burst out, somewhat say purification of emotions, but it meant that I was going back on track to walk straight to be bigger than the ocean. Out of nowhere, and out from none, cristal clear tears were just there as they always have been.

Today was the day of gratitude.

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