The reason why the beautiful creature is unreachable in an imaginary world

Humans left the earth as a gigantic trash can and as that result they became not able to live on it due to its contamination. All of them moved to the sea and became mermaids as of only way of surviving after evolution. As some ancient legends have taught us, mermaids are the most beautiful creature on earth; maybe because they are the products of evolution from the humans of superficial minds who only counted the external beauty as a high standard of living, as examples of fitness industry and plastic surgery domination culture. Their religion is lookism and materialism. They have forgotten the internal love and love itself. The more beauty they contain the more aggressiveness they carry out. Of course, this aggressiveness is psychological rather physical: no wonder they have suffered depression for their lifetime.

I met one of them, and I was given sufficient time to have a conversation with him. With such technology that era permits, they are able to find their temporary mates easily, as in this era applications like Happn or Tindr permits us to do so. The more mates they encounter daily lives, the less profoundness of conversation performs. Conversations became practical only; their social and economic boundaries and current health profile. They ask all those bubbles like nationality, income, sexuality and etc, as those are useful for quick profiling. They don’t understand what one of the great poet in human history warned us before: the cleverness is the most dangerous stupidity. They need to show off their intelligence by laying down vast amount of information they have collected; where Google interrupts to daily lives. No personal analysis are carried out, nor collective criticism of society. They are raised to be egoists but they are educated to believe themselves altruists. They lost the inner eyes to see themselves through.

The mermaid that I met told me that he never have fallen in love with any others. That infuriated me. All along, the little book of the little prince has taught us how to, but they even didn’t read nor tried to do so. It clearly quotes that one needs to waste his or her time on others which makes the others be important to them. Rather, they have wasted such materials on the earth but never learned how to waste their own time on other people because they were grown as egoists. Surely it’s not their fault either. They are also the victims of the capitalistic system where one is obligated to be productive at all time. There is no inaction or meditation for such things only are seen as inutility. They just can’t waste their time on other which is essential to tame other, and to grow love with others. They cry out because they never felt love, and the society gives them romantised love throughout Hollywood style movies and Netflix series. According to them, love is something that eventually comes beautifully, so they never have to work for it. After the greatest minds ever taught to humanity, Jesus or Buddha, humanity never listened and learned, rather they just keep looking at the finger and not at the direction.

Then, it got me to think that he is an immature creature who fears the rejection. From that fear of rejection, one keeps himself or herself busy, so they rather want to reject other saying that they are busy than to be rejected. But surely, no one on earth is genuinely busy, it is just a matter of one’s priority. Again, they planted a thorn tree in their mind, so no birds can sit and rest. They never empty their mind for other birds, but fill the space with more branches and thorns. Filling the mind rather emptying it, is the lack of the meditation practice. Since he fills it with thorns, of course there will be no space for love. Rejection is a necessity for the love. The poor mermaids think they should be perfect, without cracks. They don’t want to be heartbroken caused by the rejection of any kind. But listen, through the cracks enters the light. Not knowing it only shows off one’s immaturity. Don’t say that you never have loved someone else. You just have avoided to love someone else because you have become a coward, fleeing away from every rejection by keeping yourself busy with superficial relationships. That is just an egoistic and utilitarian aspect of those mermaids, since they just use others to feel better or not to feel lonely enough.

Oh sad creatures you are. I know that you also are the victims of society. You might blame third world countries and the immature mentality of people who reside in those. But even though you are from the first world, your immaturity isn’t any different since you know of no love. Maybe a lazy and uneducated Argentine knows better how to love, than a hardworking and educated person from United States. You will understand someday that the only thing that matters to learn is to love and to be loved. You maybe speak up now to matters related to Trump, putting more importance in those, but if you don’t love someone who suffers from the migration issue, your words prove to be empty, because your words are just to show off your own opinion and to correct others, with feeling superiority agaisnt others who listen, rather with empathy that you can share. Without love, you become just as same as Trump who you condemn, for acting out egoistic and utilitarian aspect of being yourself.

It saddens me, you filthy creature! Your beauty deceives the beauty. Your words simplify the words. Your heartbeats forget the breath that you can share. You can go back to the sea, back to the source of depression. You, as usual, will go back there to blindfold yourself, out of darkness where the sunlight cannot reach. Or, you can stay on earth, on the dust, and on the trash you had piled up there. You will be cut by all those garbages, and be heartbroken by all others whom you love. You will be more humane, and luckly when certain amount of time passes, you will be evolve again from the mermaid to human, if you want to be humane.

(The picture is taken at the Recoleta Culture Center, in its exhibition: The imaginary worlds)

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