Bonsoir, Adriana Lecouvreur!

Every step we made towards Teatro Colon, ensured the brightness that the theatre emitted after sun. It was a beacon over the unlighted culture where streets swallow men and women to drown. It was a symbol that gave western culture an enlightenment under the plot of love and religion. This theatre is legendary, one might agree, and is the best art performance stage in this nation. Where is the art and what is it- can be relevant question if one might ask, but what we were going to see was an opera piece called Adriana Lecouvreur. It’s a repetition of one of the classic masterpieces of history. I have different perspective towards the classic, leaning my taste more on postmodern values, but I should admit that the scene where the classic-Teatro Colon at this point- scooped in modern architectures highlights the classic essence visually.

It got me to think that maybe art shouldn’t be a repetition, or one might defend that every performance is somewhat different since it is performed by humane actors. Last year when I got in Buenos Aires, what I did on the first week was to sit on this very balcony for a piano performance. This year, when people flooded to the house, I was here again visiting to Teatro Colon to see an opera. As if it were a starting point of my Buenos Aires life somehow, I have cherished the moment that would pass shortly. Different chapter of life, with different people to see a different performance. Maybe life is a bare repetition of same structure but with difference of small details. If one cherishes every moment fully, the next chapter would be boring since it can be predicted. So putting more attention on small details is considered wise, because the beauty of every chapter, then, lays on the very details.

Adriana story, as we can predicted, is a former version of modern Latin television series. Passionate love and cheating, then monogamy steps in rescuing the relationship just before the moment when one dies out of jealousy of the other who didn’t get the part in relationship. As with every beautiful love poems, love only dresses awed when its deadline is foreseen. Yes, we all know this dramatic plot, for we have seen this over and over again, but this time the details indicate that one names Adriana. So it is the story of Adriana, and yes, it is the story of all of us. The opera lasted 4 hours, letting us out just before the midnight. It was long, but I did enjoy the endurance. I didn’t get bored thanks to some wits and quotes like; I must let you vanish like a mirage; I love you so much but if love dies grateful affection will blossom in my heart; and etc.

Another factor that I really liked about this performance was that it inserted a male ballet during the show. It was a screen inside screen structure where the actors in opera being viewers to ballet dancers. Just before few days ago, I had a conversation about male ballet with my housemate, which made the view be more interesting, recalling the conversation we had. Overall, it was a quite recommendable experience to have on one Saturday night.

Most of all, I realised that opera music really didn’t bother me, rather I was identifying myself into the rhythms and lyrics. It was same as when I listen reggaeton or electronic music. So I thought; the matter of preference is maybe coming from intolerance. If one has broader tolerance spectrum, such preference wouldn’t be matter much. Whether I feel integrated myself fully into such different range of preferencial spectrum is another matter, maybe a harder one. Still, I was glad to the fact that I could at least be not bored about the performance.

Night was short, after some food and drinks. So I had to call it a day. Bonsoir!


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