Any way the wind blows

Quite beautiful is the lyrics of Bohemian Rhapsody, when one carefully looks into it word by word. At the same time, quite terrifying it is when one thinks that this type of songs suggests: an exit from where we situate. Queen literally shouts that we all caught in a landslide where there is no escape from reality. The fact that we are looking for an exit from this system we are dwelling in, ironically demonstrates that we are not designed to live in such system. All of us are born with laugh and care, from people around, and we slowly are dying until there are only tears and sobs left. It’s a standard human history from its beginning at the hospital where people awe with laughs and wonders to its end at the funeral where people console with sadness. So we try to catch more laugh and care from others to feel alive until the last end; as the way that a baby always looks for warm hugs to survive. We all are in search of this warmness, and surely, such warmness is away from racial or social legacy. Rather it is found from the inner being, and to reach this profoundness, one dare to explore further possibilities that the life has put for us.

Can we really crave out loud for no one really wants to die? Is it fair if one complains saying that he wishes that he’d never been born at all? Eventually we all make other loving people cry when dying, but surely the lyrics concluded to say that no one meant it, so even though he’d not be back this time tomorrow just carry on as if nothing really matters. It’s just a process of living within a vital circle. The system we are residing in tries to reverse this vital circle: life expectancy doubled within last century reaching almost 80-year-old in many first world countries and even reproducing sadness in memories of those who passed away after such a long life they joyed. But we came here easy, can we not go just easy as we came? Is it really important how little higher or little lower we locate inside such system to compare one another? One shouts to let him go, and others shout that they won’t let him go. We live together, likewise we don’t dare to see one individual escape from this landslide. Those one who chose to escape are called bohemians in this context where a bohemian can be directed to many identification matters as a whole.

It is clear then, according to the lyrics and wisdom of Queen, how to escape from the reality, or to say, socially and geographically bound fantasy: just open your eyes and look up to the sky to see that you are a poor guy who doesn’t need no more sympathy. Eventually you need to kill a man. Put a gun against his head and pull the trigger to kill a man; who is you yourself bound to the past. One just has to get out of there, from the landslide of the system that won by a landslide; overwhelming. It is to compare with coming-out stories where one kills the past self and tries to confront the difficulties that lay out of others’ judgement and stone-throwing. Can anyone stone him and spit on his eyes for doing so? He just was born as he is, just as all of us were born to escape from this system; as mentioned, it hasn’t designed for us to live in for we always seek the escape no matter what. Does ever one loves much to leave one just to go wherever the wind takes him and to spare him his life from that monstrosity?

All day today I was ruminating those words over and over, to chew those out and digest those fully. Then I realised that no one can put any others in hurry to escape. When one himself realises that it is just too late, they’d decide to get out. It shall be frightening, but after some goodbyes, he will leave every others behind and will face the truth that he had dared to confront; that he can just go anywhere the wind blows him to.

Any way the wind blows. Any possibilities one dares to imagine.

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