Trip to jungle; to the modern architecture 

The gigantic architecture that stands dominating the environment around emitted its very existence on the air, with pride and mystery. I got an invitation for something, which I didn’t ask clearly what it was about, just wanted to spend time with people so I said yes to such invitation. It was a Cumbia concert. The show supposed to start at 2000 hours, so I got there a bit early, around 1950 hours to be at the line to enter. When I got there, there was no line, and I wanted to look around before the event. I went up to 5th floor, and saw that there were people appreciating a little music concert; it was more like a sound experiment and people gathered around to listen those distinctive sounds. Staffs are around to support them and to maintain order; most of them were good looking which made me think to apply to work as a staff in this beautiful cultural centre, and I would’ve liked it if I could. Just gazing the activities that were going on, and at some moment I got a text that everybody else arrived and was waiting me. So I had to move.

It was a Cumbia-electronic music party. One could dance, or just stand back to watch and listen. I was on the front line, so eventually I started to take a rhythm, slightly moving and waving my shoulders and legs. The DJ was Chancha Via Circuito, a well-known artist in Argentina. I hadn’t heard of him mainly because I don’t know much of Cumbia nor DJ’s name. What I could say about the music is mere imagination that the note draws behind of my eyes in the dark. Mostly when I listen my fellow DJ friend’s work, the scenery happens around water; a lake on the mountain, or surfing on the water park. Quite thrilling notes the imagination intakes, but this time at Krichner Cultural Centre, a whole jungle came to me, mainly because the DJ was shouting like a native Indian with tambourine bounds. I thought he might be from the amazon region, maybe from Colombia. Later I found out that he is actually a Buenos-Aires-born, then I was amazed by his assimilation ability to those untouched forests. I thought that I’d be bring my other friends who are into electronic music to make them compare the music for its assimilation and difference.

It was short. One hour and half-ish later, the two big speakers stopped roaring. Without alcohol supply, people danced and nodded. They rolled their knees and legs until the tambourine bounces were followed by their feet-clapping. A small piece of that moment can be shared:

Coming out from the cultural centre, I stood up at the very entrance where I got passed two hours ago. It was dark outside but bright with people walking on the street. Cars were honking as their wheels scratched the road. I saw some quotes on the wall which I hadn’t noticed when I was getting inside; I was just to busy looking for my friends. Among those quotes I captured two: “The word is the man itself. We are made of words.” by Octavio Paz, and “It is easier to break down an atom than to dissolve a prejudice.” by Albert Einstein. I really moved my Paz’s words, since I am on the same page when to talk about words and human behaviour. Then Einstein’s words also got me, because I never really liked -or thought that I’d like- Cumbia music from the beginning. When I was in Colombia I went to some salsa nightclubs and I didn’t enjoy those experiences for I was left out behind just watching people finding their mates. That memory somehow related to cumbia music, so I just thought that it would be a similar experience this time too. But it was more like PM Open Air experience, surely more modest and healthier way.

Specially the fact that this concert was held at a huge open place like Kirchner Cultural Centre also impressed me. Not only the concert but also the architectural environment directed me to think of a jungle we are living in. It was like I was inside a cave, looking up where stalactites are rushing from the ceiling toward the ground. As the first human drawing was found on the wall of a cave, this architecture celebrates its form of cave storing all different types of art that have developed since the first painting of hunting animals. But we, the animals which live in the same cave environment, stay same alerting the jungles out there. We needed this ritual before stepping out, to ensure the food storage for next hours. After the ritual, I stepped out to a jungle; a modern city.

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