Raise up the speakers; dance harder and sing louder

A Friday night party was on; at Gabo, Elie and Dawit’s terrace. It was their official farewell party since two of them are going back to Switzerland to finish their study in Architecture. Gabo stays for two weeks more, alone in the house, and we talked about having more activities together not to bore anybody. I’d like to spend some time more with him before he goes back, hanging inside the hammocks installed at the terrace, reading some books and having a good conversation as usual. At the party, the terrace was full, full of new comers to Buenos Aires and those who stay still until the coming July. I met many people that I had known before, weirdly the foreigner community in Buenos Aires is not that big, counting out those who are studying in their exchange programme.

At the beginning at midnight, Melissa and I were the only ones dancing; as happens always. But the music became more techno, then more people danced joining us one by one, which became later a huge group. We never exchanged names or origins, which I really liked about it, as so just sharing the same music at the same rooftop is something more valuable than knowing their document details. We arrived to the point where the background music paid off, and there Gabo and Elie grabbed a big speaker each, holding it up in the air so that the sound could go further for more people to enjoy.

Among the others, I kept this song in my heart since this song always reminds me of someone who sings the original version at every encounter. I hadn’t thought of this song as an electronic version, and when it was made, this version proved to be quite good, giving me more imagination of how other songs that I normally don’t perceive as an electronic music material could be converted into different vibe producers. It’s not that an electronic version is slightly better than other versions, but that the boredom of same base repetition in electronic music can be covered by the interference of other genres. The speakers had held high and the volume had put higher.

I got back home quite earlier than others, arriving at home almost 4 in the morning. I put myself writing and Cristo came back home at around 5, then I went to sleep in tranquillity. What I really liked about this night was that even though it was a farewell party, it wasn’t a farewell but just a mere repetition of lifestyle. We even didn’t say goodbyes, and we weren’t even supposed to. The next day we will see each other and the very next day again too. So when being together, we just share the moment with volume of music and dancing.

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