I am an aubergine, mushroom and avocado.

My housemate decided to become a vegetarian, and as I was told, I am one of his principal reasons to have made such decision. Quite frankly, I was happy to hear that for two different reasons: one is that I almost never try to convince other people to practice same life style I practice daily bases. Even though it is for a good end, convincing others for me is considered as a violence equally good or bad the purpose would be. Rather, I just practice my own belief, and maybe other people see the possibility through what I perform. I wouldn’t say that vegetarianism or veganism is a superior practice than others, rather it should be a life style that prioritises many personal or social concerns such as environmental action or health related reason. On the contrary, I believe vegetarianism or veganism should be a belief that discharges such approach of superiority; to be more humble before the environmental and social synergy that one dwells in.

The second reason is that I saw a possibility that one can decide to change his or her behaviour. Actually, ever since my housemate, Cristo, decided to practice vegetarianism, he has performed quite fashionable cuisine with abundant usage of daily-acquisitionable vegetables and legumes, which have given me more motivation for cooking. He became sexier due to his capacity of changing his behaviour after his own decision-making. Weirdly it got me thinking that three main ingredients that I use to cook a vegetarian cuisine, which are aubergine(eggplant), mushroom(champinones) and avocado, are observed as a sexual metaphor in social context in these days; A vegetarian or a vegan can be sexier, literally.

His behaviour change led me to motivate myself to have one as well, so I decided to become a vegan. I think this process can be easily departed, since I don’t eat eggs or milks anyway. So if I stop eating cheese, I’d take away all lacto-products from my kitchen table. This will start when I use up all lacto-products that are stored currently in my refrigerator. I went to a café called Ninina in Palermo Soho, and found a postcard as I posted as a portal photo for this post. I was looking at it, thinking what kinds of food were presented, and realised that a vegan cuisine could be a principal attraction. It’s just a lifestyle samely as one decides to go to movie theatre or not, so I decided to do it. This time, not for a custom of not eating meat but for a environmental and social reason.

Here I should recommend two episodes from the series called The Chef’s Table in Netflix. One is about an Argentine chef who studied gastronomy in Paris and currently cooks in Patagonian region. He cooks with lots of meat. The other is about a South-Korean Buddhist monk who cooks vegan cuisine as a method of meditation. She constantly says that she is not a chef but a performer of Buddhism. Two wonderful stories emerge at one point: the beauty of life-long philosophy of happiness and tragedies, and the role of cooking between them. I was deeply moved for both episodes, and highly recommend to others to watch those if possible. I chose to walk the path that the monk has walked. Maybe others would decide that of the Argentine chef. It is a personal choice, and I am not to be interfere into their personal life choices. Rather, I’d like to have confidence on my lifestyle and to keep walking forward. Maybe in the future, I’d be another person’s reason to motivate him-/herself.

I can be a bit more sexier; eating aubergine, mushroom and avocado.

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