Where is the economic stability for me?

I’m not here to complain about how my life in Buenos Aires is, but sometimes when things happen like above which gives me a legitimacy to dictate the poor management of corporations as I am being one of their clients. It’s not the first time, nor be the last time I’d see this sign: We are working for you to have a better service. Briefly, we will be rehabilitating the ATMs. Mostly many banks in Buenos Aires close their ATM system from 1400 to 1630 hours to check and mobilise the liquidity, and after 1630 they rehabilitate ATMs for customers to use after bank hour. Knowing this, today I went to withdraw money at 1720, but the bank doors were closed up and no ATMs weren’t available, with just a sign hung outdoor. If every time they hang this sign would be serious for them, this bank now would have been the best bank in the world celebrating such frequent development as they claim in the sign. I could see people working inside through the cristal glass door. They avoided the gaze and never looked up to the main glass door where a customer left a confused look.

Where is the corporative principal, and where is then the economic stability? Why can’t I just use my bank service whenever I need to withdraw cash? I chose Citibank for the hope that this international bank might accomplish an international standard of service and system, which now proved to be a nonsense. Not many restaurants accept debit or credit cards, since they want to be sure that they are running with visible liquidity, which is understandable for many past years the exchange rate for argentine pesos weren’t stable and kept changing second to second. Now, this became a history after the current government standardised the exchange rate with dollars, getting lots of critics from its population now suffering from severe inflation rate. It is still on the way of economic normalisation. I can’t use freely my card, and Buenos Aires still romanticises the use of cash. This lagged behind city advertises that the smell of old cash is the value of history. Still having a wallet full of bills means economic power to show off, and restaurants pay their employers in envelope to avoid taxation. This is not only economic debate but also social and cultural one: This is the very reason why today I couldn’t withdraw money from ATM whose very purpose is to let me have liquidity outside of bank hour availability.

People demand transparency to government, to clear and make visible process of financial management on their activities. But why wouldn’t they be transparent themselves before others when comes to mention of economic activities? I believe in general, the government is the very representation of its population no matter what. If the result of a vote turns out as a stupidity, it is just a mere interpretation of the stupidity of its population. If there is a corruption in government, it also reflects that there lacks transparency in general in the very society. To whom to blame then?

For a better economic stability for me, I have to be proactive. Of course it’s not my fault that the bank system collapsed for me today, but in a system where failure also becomes a personal burden rather than a social one, I should be the one who can be proactive to prevent its coming; which is a social deterioration since the world has developed to the direction of social protection network where no individual burdens the systemic failure, rather the vice versa. I have no right to generalise the third world countries’ problem, but this seems what I get today; another lesson that I should be proactive not reactive, for it is I who decided to live in such environment.

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