Who is your type?

Once I was asked (well, I get asked constantly, I guess) who my type is. That precise question was made when we were walking along the avenue 9 de Julio, the very centre of Buenos Aires. It got me thinking, and I couldn’t answer back right away. Of course there would be so many variables that can’t be said at once. At the same time, there could be an instant first impression that (sadly) defines the whole personality which brings me to fantasise. So after a moment I answered:

– Beautiful people.

She laughed. Yes, partially I wanted to drag her laugh with my unfinished answer. She said, of course beautiful people are the type for all of us. Truly, we all look for the beauty, either it’s the inner beauty or the outer one. Surely, Good looking people have a great advantage on attracting others. I got to think then, when is the daily moment that makes me look back to watch people who just passed. They certainly get my attention.

– Can you be more specific, then?

– People who read. People who ride bike.

She looked at me, and told me that it was a quite good answer, since she was expecting me to answer of an appearance-related attraction. I was thinking of these physical aspects but I failed myself explaining those, every time I could think of an exceptional case. Still, maybe this is the point why structuralism has failed, for not everything can be categorised. Rather the very clean and neatly organised room hides a drawer for messy underwear. With such perspective, the question itself is encaging question, which designed to be failed from the moment of asking. So, no matter what the answer would be, it wouldn’t matter.

Nonetheless, I genuinely find people who read or who ride bicycle attractive. When I sit on the Plaza Serrano, watching people passing by or around, I put much of my attention looking at people who are riding a bike, or who are sitting and reading for a while under the sun. Once might respond that riding a bike represents being sportive, and reading represents education. If those just represent these aspect of social and physical condition, let them be. Education matters, yes, for I do believe that the level of respect demonstrates their educational status. Yes, if I can choose where to meet my future relationship material, I would say at a bookstore, rather than at a nightclub.

When I was young, I saw some bookstore campaigns that said: The remains of beautiful people remain beautiful. Or, People who read are beautiful. I still remember those quotes, which were from bookstore promotion for books, or some public place maintenances. Maybe I was sold by these campaigns. But still I wouldn’t vanish these values derived from those campaigns.

Today was a good day. I went to city centre with my housemate to attend a conference about green development. From Kyoto protocol in 1990 to Paris agreement of last year, how evidences are shown of possibility of green growth in our generation. Numbers and equations were shown made by World Resource Institute or Carbon Brief, and also by the speaker herself (Mariana Conte Grand). I was genuinely interested, and happy for the fact that I have more references now to write of Chilean public polices and investment for sustainable energy. I was grateful to my housemate for having me informed about this conference, and for riding a bike all the way cross the city today. So I’d like to add one more aspect to my answer:

– People who care.

Surely for my perspective, people who care have higher value than people who want to be cared. Active and energetic lifestyle they embrace and spread out to others around, even knowing that sometimes those energies don’t just pass around in positive ways. Knowing being a vegetarian as a sole individual doesn’t change much of the world but still keep trying. Knowing that one is always with his or her own principals rather than influenced by others around and let them be an excuse. People who read and people who ride also fall into this category, I believe. They know how to give up a bit of comfort to make him- or herself change. In such sense they understand and respect the others.

Maybe I’m exaggerating of these values.

Or maybe, they are just beautiful as they are, as I’m attracted to them.


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