Haircut at Ricci’s

I used to cut my hair by myself. I used to have a clipper and trimmer, and also with professional trimming scissors to sort out the hair volume. All of those are gone now, so these days I had to think of how I could cut my hair; I chose the simplest answer. I asked people and got a recommendation for a place called Ricci Pastro, located near the Plaza Armenia in Palermo Soho. This time was my second time visiting. Quite famous this place should be, for this time I waited almost 2 hours to get my turn. During the weekdays, reservation should be made for one’s turn.

This is a quite change of lifestyle for me, for two different reasons: First of all, for many years I’d cut my hair at my own bathroom, since it was quite easy to maintain a short hair on the side and to leave the upper part a bit longer than the sides. Secondly, Ricci Pastro is a barber shop where I’d dreamt to visit when I’d grow older. Now I’m at a barber shop without even noticing it much. This is the barber shop where beer (or coffee, depending on one’s taste) is served while waiting. Magazines are about motorcycles and men’s wear. Rock music from 80’s and 90’s come out to tease.

I don’t know I should be sensitive about this men and women segregation of which this place represents in somewhat way. While waiting, I observed a couple who were waiting together. The lad had a long beard, and when he sat in front of the mirror, his girlfriend mentioned to the barber to trim her boyfriend’s beard. Of course, the barber laughed her off, serving the lad’s desire only. Well this made sense, sine the one who was sitting in front of that mirror was him not her.

It will grow longer soon anyway, and yet we keep ourselves trying to look better even in such a short time. We will be back on track in certain timeline circle, yet we don’t mind. Some might just say that it will eventually grow so they don’t care much of the momentary change that they would have undergoing, or others might say it’d be worth to shine even though it lasts only an instant. Why not, when we are still young and beautiful we deserve to shine, don’t we?

Maybe I’d been cheap not trying to pay for the service I could deliver to myself, and by doing so I might have missed our some other experiences I could’ve gotten. I’d missed the handshakes I made this Ricci. I’d missed the waiting in line while I could observe what people do when they are in line. I’d missed the satisfaction or disappointment that their faces try to hide when the service is done. I went there with one of my friends. He became much handsome after the haircut. I’d missed the momentary but shining change that a person would make out of this experience.

Next month, I might cut my hair by myself again, since I’m going to buy new trimmer. But once in a while when I miss the social interaction I know where to go.


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