Slackline picnic day

I bought a slackline equipment when I was in Chile. I used twice when I was there, to hang out with people I was working with, on weekends. I proposed quite many times to do such activity, maybe with some beers and food as a small picnic to have a relaxing time. That time I realised that some people just don’t know how to relax on park; doing nothing, doing games or reading a book under the sun. Quite a pity for us not being confortable when in unproductive moment, and this is when a slackline can interfere to turn all those unproductive(ly-perceived) moments into a productive and relaxing moments. Surely it is not easy to have a balance on the slackline so one should make a commitment of frequent practice, but for an hanging-out-reason, it doesn’t complicate much. We all just wanted to spend a meaningful Sunday afternoon.

So, after meeting up all other crews at Plaza Serrano, we walked toward Bosque del Palermo. Right next to the US embassy, we settled down. Cops were patrolling around so we felt safer at that location, even though some of us were having some open beer bottles out to public, of which act is considered in an ilegal-things-to-do-list. The weather was nice with a warm sun and cooling down breezes. Thinking of the rain we had the very next day of picnic, it was a great timing as well. There were people I’d met before, so it was also good social environment to get to know one another. I didn’t do much social ice-breaking, rather giving and receiving some profound questions with the ones I’ve already known for a while. Today’s main theme for conversation was the environmental issues, like city renovation for greener atmosphere and agricultural use of spare public spaces. We also talked about a vegetarian and vegan diet. Since all of our companies were European born, almost half of us were vegetarians, sharing the visions and reasons of such lifestyle.

I still don’t believe that vegetarians limit themselves in sportive activities. Look at this charming boy above. It’s more about how much we put ourselves into physical activities than having a meat-based diet. Protein is actually from every food, and we don’t need exceed amount of protein to be in fit. I sometimes think that having meat-based diet for protein intake to buff up muscles can be compared as like taking a magic pill to lose weight. Taking a pill maybe is a psychological effect driven (Placebo). Having meat-based might help, but they buff up muscles because they work out.

Another theme was about public transportation system. Since I use more bicycle, we could find another boy using a skateboard as his main transporting equipment, and other rather walking. Surely, we are flexible and supportive for public transportation. This year Buenos Aires has completed many main metrobus lines; traffic lanes especially for bus and other public transportation. I’ve noticed it strongly when riding a bike on the road, that there was little traffic on the very right lane where I was riding. Many traffic agencies were out there trying to educate people not to use the public bus lane, giving them fine or just a kind word. I was amazed that polices were made first, then people adapt the way of living posteriorly.

I hope to repeat more and more this kind of activities on weekends. I’m glad that I could meet those beloved people and spend time with them here. Maybe next Sunday this will be repetitive. One of the question I asked was about a personal preference between weekdays and weekends. Among those days, which day is your favourite? I see a big difference between Friday and Sunday, since Friday is more party related and Sunday is more family-like environment. I’d like to have more people that I can spend time with as a family member, than people I can spend as of just one crazy party night. Both are good and necessary. Both are valuable in every way. I just started to prefer Sunday to Friday and its people on the very day. Drinking mate during the day on the park having a good conversation with eye contact is more sexier now than drinking beer during the night in the club gazing others with an empty desire.

Hard at first, but eventually after practices, we learn how to walk through and walk on the path we call ‘life’.

We can be barefoot here. We can roll over, handstand, flip ourselves over and jump. Grass protects us from falling. There is always a cushion you can fall upon.

We make circles. We don’t show our back to one another. We face each other and laugh. Show your back when you want me laugh no more.

The one who reads is beautiful. Even sun knows it, so he gave her beauty to the face. A bright and shiny makeup, which she didn’t need from the beginning. She inner beauty emitted stronger than the sun’s makeup.

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