Confronting a single story

“Stories matter. Many stories matter. Stories can break the dignity of the people, but stories also can repair the broken dignity.”

There is never any kind of single story, and yes, I do agree what she has argued in her speech at I projected her lesson to those countries I’m dwelling in. Latin America has a single story; social inequality and massive nature with its resource. Latin people have passionate love like soup operas reproduce, and traveling to Latin America can be a traveller’s goal for its nature’s beauty.

Somewhat positively, Korea confronts also a single story. Risen up from the poverty after the civil war, experienced a economic miracle and now became one of the biggest economies in the world. Every story about Korea is this journey of economic growth and no more, as the country confronts a single story.

Chimamanda spoke up against those single stories, for these stories are always related to power; when, where and by whom these are delivered can actually empower people or can contrarily dispossess such empowerment.

What story I can deliver today and how this story can diversify stories confronting a single story?

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