An interactive neighbourhood 

Walking around San Telmo district, I encountered this scene where two neighbours were talking each other from their balcony. This was the most beautiful scene I had that day, so I dared myself to take a photo of it. I hope they didn’t mind.

I want this scenery happen in my neighbourhood as well. I dream an interactive neighbourhood, which implies that I’d be a part of the community. This is not a modern apartment area, but a collection of small houses next to next. Living in a house around other houses it seems easier to interact with neighbours, I suppose.

The other day, when I was in a supermarket right next to my house where I always go to buy groceries, the employer asked me to go out that night to a club in Palermo Hollywood with his friends. I’ve known him quite a long time now since it’s been a year that I became their client. I was glad for the invitation even though I couldn’t make it for having another plan already put in agenda, postponing going out plan for another time. The next day, I was walking through around the house, and could greet many managers of different shops and restaurants, offering me happy hour price even though it was already out of happy hour. Maybe this was the visible advantage one can have, interacting with the very neighbours.

More than this social advantages, this interaction gives me a feeling that I’m forming my own environment of living despite of being an alien living in local. It might be the feeling of being recognised and invited by those who had already formed their lives in this district. I’m not desiring to have a neighbour talk scooping out my head through windows like I saw in San Telmo, even though I perceive it as a beautiful interaction, rather I’m desiring what I can give them in return. Then thinking about it, I don’t have much to offer, rather than visiting their restaurants more or passing by to make a short conversation. Maybe in some other places I hadn’t felt interacting with other neighbours because I hadn’t much to offer. Yes, now that I know the need to give myself to neighbours, I’d be a better neighbour who live with them interacting deeper. It’s that I invest my time in my neighbourhood, then later seeing myself in them makes me my part is everywhere near me, reflected by others.

Perhaps that’s where my feeling of being part of this neighbour comes from.



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