A hummus pizza

If you were a food, what kind of food you would be?

An ice-breaking question for a small talk it is, but reveals more cultural aspects of what one intakes in the kitchen. Since every human feasting and event relates to food, it dominates an important scale of one’s thought system as well, which this question is willing to stir. Would it be the plate one eats with most frequency? Does this plate represent his or her eating habits like veganism or fast-foodism? Does this plate symbolise the best cuisine experience one had during lifetime? Is it related to one’s cultural background or where one currently lives? Do people tend to answer with the food that they think healthier (since they need to identify themselves as healthier beings)?

These correlations simple can be asked afterward, adding ‘why’.

I myself answered that I’d be a spicy hummus pizza if I were a food. I don’t know if this exists in the market, but I make it for myself with chickpea crust. No dairy product is used, but water and olive oil. I add some spiciness with spicy chilly. Home-made hummus became my baseline for kitchen, for its protein and flavour. When to make curry, for example, putting a bit of hummus gives it more consistency. In the morning, along with peanut butter it suits well with toasted bread. For snacking, it gives a romantic couple match along with guacamole sauce, as dips for baked potato chips.

Finally, it is my edge cutting the pizza not in slice but in cubic form. Just this last touch gives how experimental this pizza can be. Perhaps with this pizza I can answer all those sub-questions asked above.

– I’ve never tried such pizza, Can’t imagine how the taste would be. One might say. I’d protest then, to get to know me better.

2 thoughts on “A hummus pizza

    • quite good enough, you’d like it if you try. One of my housemates puts more toppings like pan-fried paprika on it to give more flavours. Hope you enjoy!

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