My humble tribute to Buenos Aires

You don’t know what I’ve been told,
I’ll die young, but you will grow old.
Everyday my feelings change
Think of me
no more.

Waiting is the hardest thing, day by day closed doors.

Promise me you’ll wait for me
Promise me
You’ll move on, you move on.

You don’t know what I’ve been told,
Everyday we’re weakening. My life fades.
It’s hard to say goodbye!

You don’t know what you’ve been told,
You grow old. Did you just grow!

It has been confirmed my departure from Buenos Aires to Paris to finalise my graduate degree. I’d be taking some courses in Sciences Po, with an aim of complementing ingredients for my thesis. So soon, I’d be leaving this city. Maybe next year I’d be back at some point, but I cannot be sure of what’d be happening next year, in this very moment. I hope I’d insert myself to labour market in Europe, due to physical accessibility.

My feelings toward Buenos Aires city change everyday. Sometimes I walk with this song on earplug, giving my smile to this monotonous gray city as my collaboration. Sometimes I walk without thinking, then imagining different scenarios of my life if I had chosen different path less walked by. With enormous satisfaction of my current status, I fold some goodbye letters to those who have made my life interesting here in this city.

It’s hard to say goodbye.

Yes, I’ve been told that I’ll die young while this city will grow older and older.

I won’t be missed. Buenos Aires will move on. My life fades here. But yes, I’d like for Buenos Aires to move on, since that is what she does with her endless circle of receiving new people of exodus, and again, of letting them go away.

Personally, this goodbye makes me smile and happy. I’m focusing more on how my life would be in Paris in next few months. I’m not planning to have a farewell party, in that I’m already saying goodbye daily to this city, so there won’t be a need to make it official in one night. A woman once said that real man says goodbye, so I’d be not a real, not this time at least.

Frankly, it’s not an excitement that I convoy to think of Paris but a psychological burden that each day I’m approaching to the date that I need to finish my thesis. I know this transfer to Paris is actually to enjoy my student life rather than stressing myself focusing on finishing the thesis, but still, it’s an opportunity to take good courses that might be helpful to the development for my writing later.

A new chapter will start in few months. I’m glad for the change for a new environment.

(Photo taken from Alejandro Nano page)


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