Pinoccio; the very first AI of all times

(Photo taken from the page of artist Joe Galvan)

It’s not just recent that the theme of Artificial Intelligence (AI) became quite a surface-rising subject on movies, series and literatures. Her (2013), Ex Machina (2015) and Westworld (2016-) are the very demonstration of such arising. Of course the theme of AI was existing from old days, letting Blade Runner (1982) be one of the masterpieces that have made people think of the fundamental question: who are we and how we are different from robots?

One can answer that the very difference between human and AI is that human race doesn’t know where they came from, putting themselves always to seek their own origin which mostly results to religious or scientific explanation: God made us, or we evolved from less complex organs. AI knows where they came from and what is their purpose precisely. They don’t wander to find who they are, but to serve the purpose of why they were created, with consciousness.

The important part maybe here is that AIs are not to be as a human being, even though they are designed to be similar to maximum level. And I concluded that Pinoccio might be the very first A.I. of all times, even though this saddest story of AI history contains many magical and fairy-tale elements. This sad story has been planted to every child’s mind ever since, brainwashing them to think that humanity is the maximum level of being, even AI wants to be humane at last. But is it all true? Hawking foresees about humanity’s extinction within 900 years. The main causes narrate with overpopulation, climate change, epidemics, asteroid strikes and AI takeover. According to its projection, AI is the next level of evolution after humanity and that’s when Pinoccio’s story becomes a fraud.

Maybe it’s time to rewrite the story of Pinoccio, with a different ending, just as they rewrite the story of Little Red Riding Hood into empowering girl’s story who intentionally seduces a wolfy man. It becomes a normal life story now where man eats a woman and even knowing so the society let women go to be eaten by a man (mum said; go to the forest and be aware of wolves!). Pinoccio’s story should be rewritten as at the end he no more wants to be a boy for his father, disgusted by the men’s destructive discourse over the planet.



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