My moment of creation; between inner Batman and Joker

This graffiti actually gave me an insight of how my life is in Buenos Aires comparing that of Chile I had few years ago. It’s a moment of creation of my being and my emotions, and I now know which side I was in for the last few years.

Maybe this dichotomy bores everybody, but with this dichotomy I could understand my emotions of Buenos Aires better.

Living in Chile, as Batman
Having a decent job and a good social life pays off. What I was worried of life was to realise social justice in the way I can contribute. I didn’t believe in humanity for that being a heroic figure of social justice means such. Every street was accessible for me with my green bike. I loved riding a bike passing through the falling leaves of intriguing yellow.

Living in Argentina, as Joker
Not being in a productive mode, rather in a theoretical, makes me think more of myself and of humanity whose character I trust in deep. Social justice will realise by itself in that there’s no need for a heroic figure to maintain the order (maybe humanity is just innate vice in somewhat sense). Money is just a symbol to burn, and a smile is somewhat deeply twisted.

Two sides and the moment of encounter
Two different life styles now have come to encounter. For being able to reflect each other as the each end of a same mirror, I could also understand how I perceive my life differently over the geographical variable. Many people admire Joker, but all of them prefer to be Batman. Here in this city, I have learnt how to admire Batman, but to live as Joker. I believe that now I’ve come to a point that those two encounter each other. Maybe I’m referring a balance, but rather, I might be referring a mixture and caos as the very nature of life.

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