Talk me of slum, talk me of dreams 

Humanity is such a powerful word that motivates many people around. If we can extract a sole structure from every touching story there is, will this structure be a humanity? I don’t know, and I wouldn’t know.

I see lots of potentials from this little guy; my housemate, and actually I’m falling in love with the very potentials. Wait, wait, there won’t be any homosexual relationship here but only personal development, which I referred. And especially when the boundaries are clear, mutual development seems to plur. It’s all because of one story he told me the other day, when he was in India, in a suburban slum area, where he met a boy named Sida (I have no expertise of how to spell his name respecting the Indian naming norm, so I just put as it sounded to me). They stayed together and played together on the scratchy street. Sida taught him cricket. But it wasn’t only cricket he’d learnt but what is to form and limit dreams.

Sida revealed his dreams; he’d only want two. One is to go to cinema to watch a movie, and the other is to buy a door for his house (if it were to call a proper house). Little dreams have bigger impact on others, which was the case for my housemate. He thought of it, and still is thinking of the very words. Now he is applying an internship in Philippines next year participating for a betterment of slum. I’d believe if he exposes his story with Sida at the first paragraph of his applying letter, his sincerity would be transferred deeply.

He couldn’t remember up the story at the first beginning, but it was somehow buried deep inside of his unconsciousness; the very reason that his parents should get applause for their childhood education method of brining their child to a remote suburban area of third world. Education from knowledge reaches a moment that she can’t superb the education from experience. Having heard and having read of slum and of dreams doesn’t make ourselves deeply understand if we haven’t been in a slum or haven’t longed for their dreams. They just seem so small and achievable, and we shrug thinking why they couldn’t have achieved it so far. But they are not small nor unachievable, but just as challenging as everyone else’s dreams.

When two challenges mutually can solve each other’s difficulty, there merges the art of cooperation. It is believed that my housemate is to be in this stage.

Humanity, as I started this post from the beginning, is a powerful word that motivates people’s action. And maybe we can extract then, a structure of this story; the art of cooperation that distinctive challenges are to put on the same table to help the solution for others’ difficulty. I describe this as a state-of-an-art, because this stage of cooperation isn’t to stay in dependent pour-down effect but to reach an interdependent manoeuvres.

I share my proud of him.

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