What do you want to be in the future?

– What do you want to be in the future?

– Oh, I want to be a tree.

– What?

– I want to be a tree that has a profound root of self confidence and abundant branches and leaves to give back the oxygen back to society.

– Oh, you are being metaphorical.

– Yes, and no. It’s my will that one day when I die, I’d like to be recomposed to be a literal tree. No cemetery burying, no cremation, nor converting into diamond to keep my carbon part forever. I guess it might be a Buddhist’s practice and I want to be a part of endless vital circle. Turn my deceased into life-giving soil, honouring both the earth and the departed.

– Don’t you care those who care you?

– I know it’d be a beautiful feeling to have someone to kneel over your grave to see them cry, at least to see them demonstrate their grief of your death. But I care them more to give them back oxygen that we are running out of. We need more oxygen than tears. I rather see them enjoying the avocado grown up on my soil than crying on my grave which will last no more than a decade. People move on.

– You don’t give much importance of death?

– I do value death, but in this era the death is overestimated by mayor unsustainable businesses. At the same time, we have discovered more of death spiritually and scientifically, but still our mentality remains as that of the 16th century. Being in death museum doesn’t give any importance to death. It’s rather a bully to death telling the world as if we’ve understood any of it.

– Why are you so pessimistic?

– No, I’m not trying to be a pessimistic. I just said what I want to be, and you are the one who didn’t expect me to answer you with a stupid reproducing repertoire.

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