Beyond the North and the South


I tried to draw a world map that would satisfy me, away from the Northern hemisphere hegemony, away from the orientalism, and away from some restrictive concepts. It’s just interesting to think that one’s placement changes depending on the baseline perception. Now I’m at one of the Far Eastern countries, and northern than the United States. This map wouldn’t be my ultimate satisfaction, since the Europe is still centred in it. I couldn’t find any better reference to make this change.

Libertad, in the cartoon Mafalda, explained this reverse wisely. There is no reversed map here, since we are drifting and floating over the Universe where the direction isn’t absolute. The Universe itself is expanding, allowing all those directions to be relative between them. If we believe that I’m on the top of others, I’d be so, and the same goes with the reverse case. WhatsApp Image 2017-07-06 at 22.15.08

There is a famous Uruguayan artist who challenged this hegemony; Joaquín García. He claimed that our North is the South(Nuestro norte es el Sur), and left a wonderful masterpiece. But still, there still remains up and down concept. It is a great value that he confronted the hegemony to make a question about it, letting people think of the paradigm. I just want to make sure that this reverse wouldn’t link to another reverse of superiority and inferiority. Perhaps it’s far ahead to worry such matter, so until then, I might be enjoy the heterodoxy.


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