Between the statues of isolation


Donzinho Islenho (little Don from an island)” comes from the identity where I tagged myself to assimilate to that of people from islands. My hypothesis was that people from islands would share the sense of solitude in a profound and tangible way, as themselves are constantly separated from the mainland. Every island is isolated, but still they are connected in the deep down ocean. Every individual is independent among one another, but deep down they should be connected as of humanity.

I witnessed this solidary solitude traveling around islands and having intimate conversation from those from such islands. Surely, my own conclusion has a logical fallacy of deductive reasoning since I cannot just generalise all individuals from island into a concept of ‘islandmanship’. I’ve grown up visiting and interacting with people from Jeju Island, Northern Mariana Islands, Balearic Islands (Illes Balears), Galapagos Islands, Cuba and some Caribbean nations, Chiloé Island and etc. Not much at all, but I outsay my hasty conclusion based on my experiences.

What became interesting for me was that Jeju Island and Chilean Islands (including Easter Island) have a similarity in historical statues habituating in those islands, which brings me back to my memories of childhood where those muted figures hold me hand while I was talking to them until I figured out one day they are actually also deaf. They only had faces and hands gesture as a form of communication. Their language was called silence. They just stared and smiled. They didn’t move. They put their hands on the heart as to show their empathy. People dedicated to create those gigantic rocks giving them life, but all those vanished in history.

People from islands share those characters in them; innate solitude and muted communication. This isolation makes them try more to connect to the mainland, to the mainstream and to the mainbody, just as people from elsewhere. The slight difference is that people from islands have a solid reason for, because for them isolation was given as obligation.


So I delivered my respect to those statues, remembering that I was also one of those statues of isolation. I still am, and I always will be.

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