Panna Cotta with Pistachio

Something happened. I don’t eat much of sweet. But this time I realised that I found my dessert of all times. Maybe because it contains nuts. Maybe because its texture is of soft tofu. Maybe because its mixture of colours pleases me. Maybe it’s of pistachio, which is quite hard to encounter here.

It was a genuine surprise for me flavour-blooming in mouth, and this recalled me those experiences that owed me of tasting new cuisines. As I remembered, the first time I was owed of delightful flavour was egg tofu. It was easy to make at home (actually I never succeeded by myself doing it). There follows Peruvian ceviche that I proved in Panama (I used to consume seafood once in a while). Oven cooked mushrooms with blue cheese, eggplant slice fries and fried blooming onion also ranked my top list. There would be more food like green curry or aglio olio pasta, but perhaps frequent consumption of these plates took those out of my list.

I used to be critical of posting foods. I believe that the controlling mechanism of medias which present food pornography on air is to distract people from critical thinking, since when people are eating and satisfied full they tend to let down the judgemental and critical perspectives. Socrates declared the dichotomy between a hungry philosopher and a gorged pig, directing that we shouldn’t be a gorged pig.

But I also understand that those moments of encounter for delightful flavours are the moments that enrich our life experience. Maybe it wasn’t just about food but environment that surrounded me as well that changed my perception and taste of food that I tried. I came back to Santiago and I spent a wonderful time with my beloved friends. One of those introduced me a dessert, classic panna cotta with pistachio sauce. I didn’t have much expectation at first, until the flavour generated an emotional earthquake on the table. Was it solely because of the taste? Or was it because of a recommendation from a beloved? Or was it a nostalgia to Santiago that I overlapped being in the moment?

Surely tasting a quality food is one of the joys that one can enjoy during the lifetime, as samely people search for a better tasting wine believing in tasting its uniqueness transcends their experience. Eating is an important ritual that overwhelms us daily, perhaps extremely overwhelming sometimes as one thinks of what to dine even before the lunch. It’s also interesting that a national culture directly relates to its cuisine without exception. When to mention Korea people react with Kimchi, Argentina with steak, Switzerland with chocolate and more, as if its cuisine is the highway to enter the culture. Since I eat none of those mentioned, I don’t relate food to culture, nor the necessity to transcendence. My goal has been to stay a bit hungry than to be full satisfied. Socrates won me over, accompanied with the poet Charles Baudelaire who declared us to get drunk and stay that way; either on wine, poetry or on virtue whatever.

I’d keep trying new cuisine, by any way, within my own framework of aventure. I’d like to have another eye-opening cuisine soon enough.

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