International bubble to be enlarged

Meeting up new people, I met some Italian exchange students in Paris. We exchanged personal profile, and they mentioned of their Italian friend who just moved to Buenos Aires. It turned out that she was the one who took my room when I left Buenos Aires. I invited her to the house to have a tea time having a conversation.

On a café near Bastille metro station in Paris, I was sitting down reading a book. I looked over the window and on the very next bench I saw a guy I met in Buenos Aires. I used to go my friend’s house and at her terrace we used to have parties; where I met Cesar time to time. Either Cesar didn’t expect to encounter with me on the Parisian street such randomly. We hugged and said goodbyes.

I once talked with a guy from United States in Argentine street. When I was living in Rio, I used to walk around the Copacabana beach. I was heading to Ipanema beach and someone yelled my name. I thought that someone was teasing me so I didn’t look back. The yelling kept going on, so I turned back to see where the yelling was coming from, there I found the guy I met in Argentina taking the sun. We was widely laughing not being able to believe that he met me on the other side of continent.

I was walking back home from gym. It was almost the sunset time. Between my house and the gym I used to go in Santiago, Chile, a big mall is located. I was heading toward the orange sunset light. On the very street that I walked every day, I encounter a Venezuelan guy I met when I was in Bogota, Colombia. We both were surprised. He told me that he was on the business trip to Santiago.

When I was in Bogota, Colombia, I used to walk a lot on the street to smell very different coffee scent that every street emitted constantly. I encountered an Argentine guy on the street and we hugged for that unexpected encounter. He offered me a job of exporting Argentine soy delivering to Colombia then to Asia, mainly to China where the demand was massive. He wanted me to work in the agriculture custom related matters exporting to Asian countries. I had another project back then, so I turned down the offer.

Are we living in more international environment than ever? I used to say that the world is becoming small, and many have agreed. In front of Sciences Po main entrance, I was having a coffee with some new faces of master. We talked about how international we have become, and how it has become hard to go back to the national level. I really learned a lot from that conversation, because it wasn’t about the pride of us being international. The world hasn’t become small at all. It’s just because we have entered to an international bubble, and this bubble is a small and limited territory; while the world is being remained widely vast territory that we won’t be able to explore to every corner. We encounter more frequently those people we had encountered on the other side of the world, just because we are the small group of people who constantly move around. We are trapped in the international bubble. To make the world small isn’t what we aim for. As being internationalist and integrationist, what we aim for is to enlarge this small international bubble we are living in, including more people to join and more regions to enjoy.

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