A visit to OECD in Paris


Will this short visit turn into a stationary occupation one day?


I visited to OECD building with other Sciences Po colleagues and for many of us it’s an inspiration to have an opportunity to work in this environment one day in the future. Maybe this organisation has a bit of distinctive direction towards the economic perspective of development than that of ECLAC in Santiago de Chile, but changing perspective of economic thinking would be also interesting especially when one is still young age absorbing many lessons from his surroundings.

The guide who volunteered for our visit was an official staff who works in the economic department of OECD. With a bright wit, he started the guide saying that he couldn’t find a better way to spend his weekend than volunteering his time to guide future economists and political scientists who make the world better. Lots of questions exchanged between the group and the staff, but among all what I really got inspired as that his attitude towards a permanent station when working as an international public servant. “Maybe maximum 5 years,” he said, “would be enough, and if you think to work in OECD, I’d recommend you to plan for maximum 5 years then to get out to the field to observe how the world really is going.”

So 2-4 years in my life dedicating in OECD projects for development of some nations cooperating in OECD can be a goal setting. Thinking that this lifestyle which constantly moves around the world every bundle of years gets more common in this ever globalising world, one’s geographical stability gets challenged and accused. Soon this beloved staff who guided us the day, will be moved to other countries or another post where he could serve his term in a different way carrying his best intention still.

I asked around to those who worked before in this organisation to assimilate the recruiting process. It’s not always through the official website of recruitment, rather many occasions through recommendations and direct contacts which make the recruiting even more challenging. With no rush, I’d be applying to OECD through direct channel or indirect one, starting from this coming December. I don’t know if I’d get an opportunity for next year, but some day in my future I know I’d be spending these maximum 5 years in this organisation with all pleasure, and maybe that time I’d be serving better than next year of my life.

You cannot rush what you want to last in your life, as I’ve learned.

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