The need for an uninhabited island


In the board game called Monopoly, there is an island (in some other versions there are jails instead of islands) on the corner of the board where you have to rest for 2 or 3 turns once you get stuck in there while others can roll their dices to move forward to buy more properties on cities and rural areas. So you get anxious stuck in the very island, because you know that once you get out of this island, you would be put in a disadvantageous situation competing others in the game. We try to avoid to be in the island as mush as possible one can, trying to be more turns on the game buying hotels and casinos so to earn the real estate returns when others step on those real estates one had invested.

This Monopoly game is a mere representation of genuine modern life style where all of us try to get the investment return avoiding to be stuck in the island. We Keep rolling dices as a mechanism of gambling as we expect higher chance of getting something better to play against others. But there are some people who are willing to be in such island as a comma of wearing out life patterns. Some of us are already tired of rolling dices expecting to be a part of social gambling that structures our modern way of living: We work, we wish lucks and we buy properties to earn the investment returns.

To win Monopoly board game or a simplified real life of competition, we need to avoid uninhabited islands as much as possible. To win in this game we roll dice of luck, keep moving forward and buy as many properties as possible to earn investment return. But in real life, we observe the rising movement of people seeking those island moments where you can take a rest for 2 or 3 turns, tired of endless cycle of never-ending comparison and competition. Those people voluntarily seek to be in those islands to take a rest from this endless cycle. But it is sadden reality that one still needs to roll a dice wishing a good luck to get the right number to reach those islands. And since one is inside the game, he should face the brutal reality once he comes out from the island that all others already have occupied limited territory and you need to pay to step on their properties. Being able to rest on those uninhabited islands is a luxury then, enlightening us why this game is called Monopoly.

This game is designed to end at some points. I don’t know when and how this game would end. In capitalist perspective, it ends when we consume all existing lands, including those uninhabited islands on the oceans, building up more empty hotels and casinos. Faster and faster we are heading to a world where we even force others to rest paying the island experience where one can be free from rolling dice. Actually, we already start to observe those experiences become a rent-seeking business under the name of exotic tourism. Yes, I have some friends who work in this exotic tourism, rather they call it unique experience away from modern technology and stress, disconnecting from everything in an uninhabited island, just concerning of his own survival daily. It’s a dignity what they are doing in terms of helping others to have their own comma in their competitive lives. But by this movement of taking them to uninhabited islands, there are fewer islands over time. The untouched are being touched, and Monopoly becomes everlasting reality.


One thought on “The need for an uninhabited island

  1. Actually, It is another strategy to be in that island especially in the end of the game. Since this game stands for a real estate fields, you don’t have to work that much if you have a lot of properties. It is like a life of a person. when you are young, you have to move a lot to find a great location to build your property. But when you are old enough-in the end period of game- you don’t have to move a lot, and it is not good either. Just take some good rests in the island as a summer house, while others are struggling outside of that peaceful area, getting caught by someone else’s properties. You can make money while you take some rests. Because it is real estate that you have. It is quite realistic game.


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