Grassy winter is ahead


It is almost winter time in Paris, and I notice this when the cold wind slaps my cheeks every time I escape from the Saint-Germain-des-Prés metro station. Today was windy, cloudy and even rainy, so I could say that today was almost the trailer of winter in Paris that comes soon. I took out the thickest coat I have in the closet (which was a gift from my beloved brother), and armed myself against the tenacious raindrops and naughty wind.

I came to the faculty, and between classes I heated up my lunchbox – pesto sauced couscous with fried vegetables including pepper, onion, garlic, mushroom and chickpeas – and I sat on the garden border taking advantage of those short minutes when raindrops got bored to bother many others. I got stalker-pictured three times today. Twice in metro and one in this garden. I managed to hide in my coat, but at glance I could recognised myself in the photo. Even though it was more toward winter period the background was quite grassy green, which makes me owed for the well-managed vegetation of Paris. The other two times in subway I couldn’t manage to hide or embarrass them out. Well I have done this kind of stalker-picturing so I just accepted it as a karma. Maybe I’ll be famous in Insta-story someday, who knows?

Today morning, I had a quite interesting conversation. I shared my past experiences and my future possibilities. I was questioned why I am study public polices for international development? One of Sciences Po graduates includes François Mitterrand, a president of French Republic, and he expressed what I nowadays agree firmly: “Progress means nothing unless it is shared by all”. To make inclusive institutions politically and economically, proper development policies should be directed and I want to be part of it. Maybe I only count with academic and theoretical knowledge but I’d like to turn them into practical outcomes. We study here to practice governing of governings, with participation, transparency and collaboration.

But since all of us have come from different academic and philosophical background, those different mindsets tend to crash time to time. The other day my group had a vote to decide which city to travel on the November vacation period. The poll was divided into Bordeaux and Marseille, and I was of minor voter supporting Marseille for my attachment toward sea and tanning. The poll showed strong public opinion toward wine. It wasn’t much later that I found out that I was excluded for the trip to Bordeaux. I thought I was going to be informed to get the chance of participation. I got my ticket to travel with them, but this got me to think the metaphorical relationship between inclusive political/economic institutions and development. Even here in Sciences Po, are we not modifying our behaviour from historical lessons learned? We now know better that the biggest problem is not to let people accept new ideas, but to let them forget the old ones. Here we try to build greener future but it is still cold, making a paradoxical green winter that I just experienced today in real weather casting.

But yes, at least my grassy green winter will be heated up by quality wines produced in Bordeaux and be warmed by people with whom I share my time.

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