We voted for a trip; the candidates were to choose between Bordeaux and Marseille, and the public chose the wine over water. It wasn’t a bad decision at all at last. We drank lots of wine, diversifying its birth ground, and also its companionship. Many restaurants of Bordeaux were built remodelling the old castle and cave system that remained in the city, so once we got in any restaurant, the remodelled underground cave, we lost the mobile signals. Disconnecting from the outer world didn’t make us focus on inner group, rather it was the eye-opening flavours of exotic cuisine we tried that made us focus on each other. I wondered, why Paris, the more international city and even being a national capital, isn’t delivering such delicacy that Bordeaux is offering.

The main event for the trip was obviously ‘bien manger (eating well)’, and it seemed that wine contributed great portion to the flavour development. I have to admit now that it’s not my best wine experience, for I still believe the wine flavour is denser in Chile or Argentina. I prefer Chilean red wine to others, to make it fair. But to make it clear, French wine outstands with its elegance, rather than with its flavour. The concern for wine quality dares to kill quantity of harvest. They care of ‘angel’s share’ in the process of wine fermentation, aging and bottling. I learned that as wine ages, the white wine goes from transparent colour to golden, while the read wine goes opposite direction, from dense purple colour to semi-transparent red. Philosophising its aging, I’d rather want to be like a red wine, proving my transparency as the measurement of my maturity. It’s not like a white wine whose transparency means juvenile innocence rather maturity.


But it wasn’t all about the flavour, but with whom I spent time that mattered most. After all, when the time passes, I wouldn’t be remembering the words I heard at wineries but recalling the people I cheered high together with wine glasses. Yet human behaviour simplifies at somewhat level that everyone shares similar behaviour patterns so those moments of recalling people will mangle up one another, making it hard to untie the relational ropes. So pinching some differentiating events out would be helpful, if many trips would have some.

During the Bordeaux trip, 1) I rediscovered the delicacy of Korean food; caramelised tofu and Bibimbab (rice mixed with vegetables) to specify. I haven’t had a Korean food for a long time, for most of the very cuisine in modern era are of meat, which I don’t intake. But those two dishes I mentioned above proved how Korean food can promote fair vegetarianism in the way of demonstrating a healthier and nutritionally balanced food. 2) Bordeaux is smaller than Paris but the quality of life is higher, I believe, if one has a stable job and family. Even though it wasn’t a metropolitan city, a metropolitan lifestyle could be produced enough: quite a perspective change for me that I only have lived in capital cities. 3) Travelling with someone always reveals a better understanding of their personalities. Either better way or worse revealing their far hidden personalities, it was a great joy to understand profoundly someone even thought it has been only a small revelation. But in this transition, I became more quite and shut to express myself, which I need to learn how not to.

It was only vacation I had during my master period in Paris, for this semester would be my last semester finalising in coming December (Well, when I was in Buenos Aires I did lots of vacation to Uruguay and to Chile so I cannot complain…). Surely the comfort was an exchange with future burden of 6 more papers I need to deal with next week, but I’m rather glad to have spent my time travelling for I know I wouldn’t have done much if I had stayed anyway.

Bordeaux gave me an initiative to be more alcoholic in that I’m going to try more different type or different producer of Bordeaux wine if possible: Médoc, Saint-Émilion, Blaye, Côte de Bordeaux, Graves, et cetera. Of course, no rush for being an alcoholic. Throughout my lifetime I’ll try one by one, little by little. I appreciated that I could realise this trip.

P.S. I got interesting video relating to the production process of cork.


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