You won’t miss my dancing, misters

I want to run, and I want to fly. If you want to see me dance, here I come. I have been toe standing to breathe the air of upper environment toward sky. This might be what dance is all about; extend, stretch, defy and be the gravity itself. It is to be between the ideal and the reality. Not to be arrogant, one should be elegant. And all elegance is coming from the attitude and manner. It is the dancing itself. I have the script for the steps, and here it follows:


I have gained broad experience contributing to the betterment of Latin America. I worked in the human development field of UNESCO in Mexico. Participating in gender violence prevention programme, I quantified all survey data then coordinated those with New York University to measure the impact of the programme and to discuss its possible expansion to other regions which suffer gender violence. Then I worked in the urban development field, participating in a global infrastructure project of multinationals in Panama. I developed communication efficiency to allocate and coordinate the use of infrastructure and economic surplus. This period I learned the magnitude of foreign investment in development and the importance of domestic strategy to redirect the fund to local and national development. I worked in the economic development field in UN Economic Commission in Chile. I delivered a South Korean case of industrial policy changes induced by China, to help to set a reference for Latin American countries whose current industries like automobile face similar changes in the Global Value Chain. Lastly, I started master study related to institutional development in FLACSO Argentina, which is UNESCO initiative, and finalised it in SciencesPo Paris. Involvement is a commitment in that participation of marginalised population is important for multidimensional development. I understood that designing inclusive institution and social programmes not only for the marginalised sector in current era but also for the capacity for the future generation is critical for the sustainability of development, which correlation I’d like to prove in my master thesis. I’m currently in process of thesis writing about the public investment in the health sector in Bolivia and its return to human capital and economic growth. François Mitterrand, a former president of France, said that ‘progress is meaningless unless it is shared by all’ and my motivation comes from participating and contributing to broadening the betterment and dignity of human lives. What I can deliver is the value of diversity that generates innovative thinking in new economic and environmental crunch and my accumulated experiences that assist to inhabit the potential of human capital to the organisation.

After having submitted some applications, I noticed that my resume has the possible aspect of a bat; it can be a rat, but also a bird. Mostly I have applied to some international development agencies, but I understand that these agencies deliver limited vacancies and imply a high level of competitiveness since in Europe all educated candidates are waiting for the same narrow vacancy alert. So the direction of my application is shifting in a circular angle, from pharmaceutical, strategy consulting or international partnership to even fashion industry. For each industry I have prepared a customised cover letter, and I realised that in every sector I have at least one connecting story to tell. Maybe one is not enough, but from one the number starts duplicate. It’s obviously better than nothing because from zero any duplication takes place.

So far my application hasn’t accomplished much solid outcome. The envelope has been sent, but there hasn’t been much development into a clear photo. Daily I get a rejection reply saying that they are looking for a native French speaker, or they have found more suitable candidates. But I also learned after some interviews that many of those organisations are not even prepared to have a professional recruitment. Questions are overlapping and brutal assumptions are placed even in the same language, which makes me understand how catastrophic communication matter they would carry then if it were taken in different languages. But yes, there is no perfectly professional world, but we pretend. And I need to play in, so to achieve my role in the game. Any business is based on project success in these days, as I put “I earned an international certificate of project management which gave me an insight of business project cycle including project design, implementation, monitor and stakeholder management. As a trilingual, I am ready to broaden the business to English, Spanish and Korean speaking regions, negotiating international partnerships… What I can deliver is the source of diversity and discipline that assures to anticipate the synergy in your working environment. I’d like to be a part of what this organisation is delivering for the global activities.

There are two little pieces of advice I got: one is that humanitarianism cannot deliver an excellence. If it were the case, all humanitarians who live for higher human values would be all professionals. But it hasn’t been this way. One must find what gives an excitement doing it; a surgeon who enjoys cutting people’s chest becomes greater than one who does it for humanitarian reason, for when moral compensation isn’t guaranteed, the depression and regret prevail for the latter. In short, this first advice summarised as ‘to aim for excellence rather for perfection’. An excellency is a personal matter, whereas the perfection includes one’s environment which is out of control. The other advice is that in this rapidly changing world, business is no more accomplished by a specific organisation or a talented director, rather it is about the timing when the business is done. Timing needs to be count to foresee a suitable moment, and such ability to read the time comes from being alert to international context delivered by major journals. So those two pieces of advice given to me were clear: I need to find what I enjoy to do and it should be a right time to do so. It is an irony that this cliché is the reason I haven’t found a solid job yet.

At the beginning of this post, I cited that dancing is to be between the ideal and the reality. And that is what matters at last. All living things dance, defying the natural law of gravity which means death. Whatever it is to do, keeping it moving is the way we should live. I am dancing here today at the library, jumping from the top of this table to the next one. I folded a plane with résumé paper and threw it through the window of imagination. I even don’t know if this paper plane would reach one who will give me a call. But expecting it isn’t my scope to consider. I don’t aim for perfection. What I’m doing is to fold an excellent paper plane that everyone envies when seeing it flying. In it, I’m flying together. Under its wings, I’ll be dancing. This is the elegance, and here I come. You won’t miss my dancing, misters.

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