Why vibration matters


*Text cited from http://www.infrasonicmusic.co.uk/ and http://www.cymaticsource.com/

The world is sound

“When you feel the bass vibrate in your ribcage, don’t panic. Low sound at the correct frequency makes the cavities of the body act like a drum. You are becoming the music. As long as your heart doesn’t stop.

For decades military researchers have been attempting to harness infrasound, the low waves beneath the threshold of human hearing, to create sonic cannons which can turn internal organs to mush. So far techno musicians have demonstrated a better understanding of the limitations of this technology than scientists: infrasonic weapons have been utilised by Pan Sonic and the KLF’s Jimmy Cauty for successful hoaxes. Cauty duped the Telegraph into believing he’d killed sheep with a sonic gun “discovered” in an armoured car; Pan Sonic had the dance press rehashing their bogus press releases about a weapon test. Operational versions of such weapons remain a myth. Military interest is focused on the opposite end of the spectrum: ultrasound, which can be used to carry audible sound waves over great distances and with great accuracy.

Infrasound is now in the frame for more genteel phenomena. Psychologists believe that infrasound may be linked to increased feelings of religious euphoria or even responsible for ghost sightings. Infrasonic pollution can cause light-headedness, visual disturbance (as the eye ball vibrates), shivers – it can even make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

Even more mind-blowing is the theory that sound lies at the root of biological evolution. Through a process known as cymatics, geometric shapes and waves can be caused to occur in water by passing vibrations through the liquid. Altering the frequency of these vibrations will alter the shapes or patterns occurring. In short, sound affects physical matter on a cellular level.

There are parallels between cymatics and quantum physics. In both, patterns which appear to be solid are in face wave-forms. Can it be possible that sound is at the very root of creation? It is no great leap to imagine that sound defined the shape of the ear, essentially drew the organ out of skull. Perhaps it is atmospheric sound that creates the beautiful geometry of the snowflake and defines the fractal face of a flower.

The thing to watch out for in cymatics, as with infrasound, is the amplitude of vibration. A loud sound will cause eruptions in water and 7hz at a high enough decibel level will cause involuntary defecation. In such situations ear plugs mightn’t protect you but a spare pair of pants certainly won’t stop the ringing if your head’s been in a bass bin for four hours. The choice is yours.

Loud noise can damage your hearing, and that includes music. Look after your ears now so you can enjoy music forever.”




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